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Kevin Scollin

…Bringing Authors’ Work Alive with a Vocal Performance for Your Listening Pleasure…

When Kevin was in the 3rd grade his teacher told him he must have kissed the Blarney Stone. When he went home and told his mom this, she promptly smacked him up-side the head and told him to stop talking in class! He learned two valuable lessons from this: one, don’t get caught talking in class; two, it’s fun entertaining people by talking. And he’s been doing it ever since.

With over 30 years of media experience, Kevin has been entertaining and informing in a wide variety of ways: as a top-rated Air Personality at a Major Market radio station; as a freelance Voice Actor for commercial, industrial and eLearning projects, as well as audio books; and as a father of three. (Hey, how many different ways can you read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?)

He’s also appeared in two movies that may end up on Netflix one of these days!

Audiobooks Performed
by Kevin Scollin


Suspense Thriller

Tony Hooper – Book 1

Two men, two methods, two motivations, one darkness–step inside the twisted mind of a killer, and of the man determined to end him at any cost.

Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award, Summer 2014 –
Best Thriller
The Kindle Book Review –
Best Indie Books of 2012

FORGIVE ME, ALEX is classified as a psychological suspense thriller, and suspense should really be bolded and italicized. There is a certain level of mastery a writer must possess in order to effectively build this kind of breathless expectation in a reader, and Diamond does just that, not only by switching us back and forth between 1978 (when the events that set everything in motion took place) and 1995 (the subsequent aftermath after the serial killer is released), but also by switching up narrative perspectives between our hero and antagonist. Although I was originally afraid all this moving about might harm the linearity of the tale, my fears were unfounded: The story developed and evolved brilliantly, and kept me turning the pages wanting more. More. More.” ~ Anne B. Chaconas (5 STARS)