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Joe Landry

…Bringing Authors’ Work Alive with a Vocal Performance for Your Listening Pleasure…

Originally just a kid who was told to use his inside voice most of the time, Joe is an enthusiastic and creative husband and father that cares about people and their story. A jack of all trades, Joe has a lot of interests and (sometimes annoying) opinions that come from a place of curiosity and a desire to make the world a better and more beautiful place. Creating art and helping people tell their story is a way he believes he can do that.

If Joe is not spending time with family and friends, he may be found in the garage doing a woodworking project, playing bass guitar, or singing karaoke.

Featured Audiobooks Performed
by Joe Landry

Foreign Land

Sci-Fi / Space Exploration

This Foreign Universe – Book 1

Smith, his soul shattered after suffering a crushing personal loss, is left to fight for the survival of his son and the new colony on a planet that’s far more dangerous than anyone expected.


Visionary & Metaphysical /
Sci-Fi Space Opera

This Foreign Universe –
Book 2 (Arc 1, Book 2)

After sending Aleron’s monster back to the fourth dimension, the survivors find unexpected friends and a terrifying threat.

Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award, Fall 2022 –
Best Science Fiction

“The second book in the ‘This Foreign Universe’ series is fascinating and thought-provoking. Having laid the groundwork in the previous title, Foreign Planet spends more time weighing the philosophical ramifications of humans branching out onto other planets, as well as exploring the results of previous character choices on their current situation. What I enjoy most about this series is the unique vision of the author. The aliens, the world, the conflicts; they all feel different than your stand sci-fi fair, which is a nice change of pace from the typical stuff. The alien species, in particular, are so mind-boggingly different from humans that it’s a true pleasure to learn how they tick, talk, and live. It’s impressive how much thought and construction has gone into this world. Can’t wait to see how the series unfolds.” ~ JPB (5 STARS)


Visionary & Metaphysical /
Sci-Fi Space Opera

This Foreign Universe –
Book 3 (Arc 1, Book 3)

Can the human survivors learn to work with the two other species to create a home of peace and understanding?

The fight is over. The genocidal Crawlers are either dead or imprisoned, and the Singers in stasis are woken up. The three species must now learn to coexist, but prejudices and biases arise as they try to set up a government unlike any humanity has been a part of: one centered on kindness and mercy above all else.

As arguments and skirmishes turn to murders committed by unknown hands, Smith, Abe, Tashon, and the others must make one more stand, if they’re to bring peace and stability to their new home.

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