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Jenni Sinclaire

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I have a deep fascination for language and the myriad ways it can be manipulated to express ideas. Reading and writing are, in my experience, among the most satisfying pursuits a person can engage in. I have always been drawn to editing as I feel it brings together the enjoyment of reading with the gratification of creating beautiful prose.

I graduated with a Masters in Philosophy and since then have worked in various sectors including marketing, technology and publishing. My editorial experience includes commercial copy and academic research, but fiction remains my great passion.

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Jenni Sinclaire


Literary Fiction / Military

Charlie returns home from Afghanistan to discover that his battles are just beginning.

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
– Best Literary Fiction

“All war veterans deserve our respect and often our sympathy, but this book helps us see and especially feel why.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Jon Michael Miller (5 STARS)


Crime Thriller

When criminal elements collide, the rules of the jungle will prevail, and those unprepared will pay the highest price.

“A piña colada with rum, bullets, and bloodshed. This Banana Republic should come with a travel advisory.” ~ Jim Hamilton, Author of “The Last Entry”

RACE! (A Hei$t Story)

Crime Thriller

This white-knuckle chase crosses three decades and as many continents, a wild ride rife with countless twists and surprises at every turn, all wrapped up in the sexy world of fast cars, smart women, and high-stakes capers.

“Power-packed! Glenn A. Bruce is the only writer I know that can make dirt track racing into a page-turner heist story reminiscent of The Sting!” ~ Ty Spencer Vossler, Author of “Deep Mud”

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