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Gryphon Corpus

…Bringing Authors’ Work Alive with a Vocal Performance for Your Listening Pleasure…

Charming, playful, self-confident… an injection of wicked smart for your book.

Gryphon has loved reading aloud to people since she first learned to interpret the little black marks on the page. Originally from Austria, she’s fluent in German and able to pronounce a number of languages without accent. A varied and colourful background lets her connect to a wide range of topics: she’s been a molecular biologist and a farmer on a commune, a dancer, a teacher, a knitwear designer and yarn dyer, and a practicing Tibetan Buddhist. When she’s not narrating, Gryphon is studying classical Chinese acupuncture in graduate school and homeschooling her pre-teen daughter, Sappho.

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by Gryphon Corpus


Creature Feature / Horror /
Paranormal Urban Fantasy

Lorestalker – Book 2

Spring break will never be the same after a legendary creature rises from the depths.

Pinnacle Book
Achievement Award –
Best Horror Fiction
The Kindle Book
Review Awards 2019 –
Fiction – Horror/Suspense

“This book flew by while I was reading because of its intense page-turning quality… Along the way, the real power of the horror novel kicks in more and more, and what might seem like a slow burner soon becomes an inferno of action, terror and frightening realities revealed.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews (5 STARS)


Creature Feature / Horror /
Paranormal Urban Fantasy

Lorestalker – Book 5

Swimmers beware—a mysterious creature lurks just beneath the serene waters of Misty Lake.

The Kindle Book
Review Awards 2022 –
Fiction – Horror/Suspense

“The vivid action sequences resembled a fast-paced movie, making The Devil of Misty Lake a perfect read for anyone interested in an adventurous ride.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Shrabastee Chakraborty (5 STARS)


Literary Fiction /
Women’s Fiction

Erin Reardon gets her first kiss from Jim Morrison and loses her virginity to David Bowie. When she flunks out of college, Bruce Springsteen comforts her, and Elvis Costello breaks her heart in Europe. So what happens when she finally meets a rock star in the flesh? Erin’s a lonely misfit with an eating disorder and a wild imagination. She believes she was born to save—and love—at least one tortured musician, and is willing to risk almost everything to fulfill that destiny.

“This is an outstanding novel… Erin is a perfectly flawed heroine.” ~ Semifinalist, 2017 BookLife Prize (10 out of 10 in All 5 Categories Judged)

“…gracefully grapples with several important issues, including alcohol and drug addiction, loss, grief and sexuality… There are also many entertaining pop-culture references to offset the weighty themes… An intriguing novel that looks at the ways that people cope with the pain in their lives.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

“Rowen’s angsty, passionate debut explores the virtues and pratfalls of rock and roll fandom… Rowen’s frank delivery will hold readers from start to finish.” ~ Publishers Weekly


Literary Fiction /
Women’s Fiction

Singer-songwriter Christine Daley hit the streets of Boston and became a minor celebrity—with a local radio hit—in the 90s, but a “brief” career break to marry and start a family changed all that.

“A quick-tempo novel that will strike a chord with women’s fiction fans… fresh, poignant and funny.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

“Mary Rowen has written one of the truest novels ever about Boston’s indie rock world. Full of sharp details and vivid characters… It beautifully explores the question of what drives an artist and how that can or can’t be reconciled with the straight world.” ~ Brett Milano, Boston Rock Journalist

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