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Glenn A. Bruce

Crime Fiction, Suspense Thriller


Longtime WGA and ITW member Glenn A. Bruce, MFA, is the author of traditionally published novels from DSP, World Castle Books, Raven Tales, and Evolved Publishing. He’s had over 60 short stories and essays published around the world, along with a few decent poems. He is known for his rapid style and humor, along with sharp dialogue and clean prose in the style of Elmore Leonard and James Patterson—with a touch of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. thrown in for good measure. Glenn began his career in Hollywood, where he wrote the hit movie Kickboxer, plus Cyborg CopVictor One, episodes of Walker: Texas RangerBaywatch, the original G.L.O.W. Show, and sketches for Cinemax’s Assaulted Nuts. He taught screenwriting at Appalachian State University for over a dozen years, and currently lives in Florida, where he writes in a variety of genres and just completed his 45th novel and 45th screenplay.

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Glenn A. Bruce

Richie’s Run

Crime Fiction /
Suspense Thriller

When criminal elements collide, the rules of the jungle will prevail, and those unprepared will pay the highest price.

“A piña colada with rum, bullets, and bloodshed. This Banana Republic should come with a travel advisory.” ~ Jim Hamilton, Author of “The Last Entry”

“Should be taught in Thrillers 101! Taut, twisty, and filled with danger at every turn!” ~ Ty Spencer Vossler, Author of “Deep Mud”

A Hei$t Story

Crime Fiction /
Suspense Thriller

This white-knuckle chase crosses three decades and as many continents, a wild ride rife with countless twists and surprises at every turn, all wrapped up in the sexy world of fast cars, smart women, and high-stakes capers.

“Power-packed! Glenn A. Bruce is the only writer I know that can make dirt track racing into a page-turner heist story reminiscent of The Sting!” ~ Ty Spencer Vossler, Author of “Deep Mud”

“Put on your seatbelt. This is a wild-ass ride!” ~ Jim Hamilton, Author of “The Last Entry”


Crime Fiction /
Suspense Thriller

Detective Mark Young is caustic, dark, and funny… when he’s in a good mood. If not, he’s downright dangerous—especially to himself.

Detective and family man Mark Young seems to be losing his mind as the bodies pile up around him. He stalks young women, unloads his duty weapon at shadows in the night, and worst of all, finds hacked-up children in his neighbor’s yard with no clue as to who killed them. His family has abandoned him, his neighbor is nuts, and his Captain wants his badge. Everyone seems to be against him—but they all have their own secrets as well.


Crime Fiction /
Suspense Thriller

He thought he was free to leave his old life behind, but The Man receives a clear message that his old “friends” have found him and will do anything to get revenge—even kidnap his daughter or murder his wife.

He left it all behind, tied it up “neat and clean”—or at least he thought he had—but The Man’s family is torn apart by a violent past that has finally caught up to him. Someone has decoded what went wrong ten years ago, and they seek retribution of the worst kind.

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