Erin deWard

Voice Actor

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Erin deWard is a voice actor who produces audiobooks for

I have been studying acting and performing since 1973 (gack, can it really be that long?). Since then, I have gone to college and lived the actor-y life of a 20 something in NYC (cocktail waitress, temp, and lots of macaroni and cheese), travelled, worked with individuals with developmental disabilities, married, renovated my house (talk about drama), raised 2 children, learned to walk more than one dog at a time, perfected my pancakes, and braved Disney World.

I have, in the past few years, become a Shakespeare geek. I take class with Red Bull and Shakespeare and Company whenever I can. Most recently I had the pleasure of working on clowning in Shakespeare with Zach Fine and Andy Grotelueschen from Fiasco Theater.

In 2010, I was lucky enough to join The Strange Bedfellows, a company of actors who perform Shakespeare in all of his bawdy, violent, funny, and tragic glory. The Bedfellows strive to make their audiences forget about that horrible experience they had in high school English class reading Willie. Instead of treating Shakespeare as some delicate, acquired taste, the Bedfellows romp, clown, fight with passion, and work to communicate the human-ness in all of Shakespeare’s characters.

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Produced/Narrated by Erin deWard:


Darren Todd


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We never read enough books in school, so I would remove the dust jacket from my mom’s books and steal minutes during class to read. It always felt like I was getting away with something, or discovering a world few of my peers knew existed.

I’ve been writing since middle school, doing it reasonably well for the last decade. While getting my masters in English from Arizona State, I worked at a daily newspaper as columnist and then opinion editor, and also as editor of the Phoenix Air Guard newspaper.

Since living in Roanoke, Virginia, I’ve formed a weekly writers group and become active in the online peer review community. I published a non-fiction book on digital piracy in 2011, and have several short stories in print. I dabble in horror and YA, but feel at home in literary fiction. Some of my favorites include Neil Gaiman, Cormac McCarthy, Kurt Vonnegut, and Stephen King, but I’m not a hard sell: I’ll read anything.

If I’m not reading, I’m listening. Audiobooks comprise at least half of what I consume, and offer a great excuse to go on long walks. I have narrated four commercially available titles and produced a dozen more.

For me, editing is taking something I already love and helping it grow. I appreciate thick skin and an open mind. In writing, often both are necessary for success. After all, writing is rewriting.


Edited or Co-Edited by Darren Todd:

Audiobook Narration

In addition to editing, Darren Todd also does some audiobook production and narration. Here are the audiobooks hes done for Evolved Publishing.

Johanna Fairview

Voice Actor

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Johanna Fairview (aka Joy J. Nash) is a voice actor who produces audio books for

I’m an experienced actor and solo performer, new to the audiobook game. I’ve been narrating and producing titles since Jan 2013 and feel like I’ve found my dream job.

I seem to have found a niche for myself in the Romance and Erotica genres.

Maybe there’s something about my voice that lends itself to trashy romance novels, or maybe it’s just the fact that I’m not afraid to say filthy things with conviction, but I’ve never been happier!

Johanna Fairview’s work is available for sale on iTunes, Audible, and Amazon.

To learn more about Johanna and her body of work, please click on the “Contact” tab to the right of her profile picture above.

Audio Books

NOW AVAILABLE: Produced/Narrated by Johanna Fairview:

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Up Next

UP NEXT: Produced/Narrated by Johanna Fairview:

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Connect with Johanna Fairview (aka Joy J. Nash):


Johanna’s/Joy’s Page at ACX

Karen Rose Richter

Voice Actor

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Karen Rose Richter is a voice actor who produces audio books for

During her many years as a teacher of young children and entertaining them with her brand of storytelling, Karen decided to follow her lifelong dream of being a stage actor, making her debut as Mrs. Gibbs in Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. Following a number of other acting opportunities from Greek tragedy (Medea) to Americana both literary (Little Women) and musical (Carousel), including a few short films ‘on the side,’ Karen began her career in voice-over.

She started out with commercials and voicing several characters for interactive online video games, and then went on to narrating online presentations for a variety of businesses, including adding her voice to the Koa tree reforestation project going on in Hawaii, spearheaded by Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods.

She has narrated over 75 fairy tales, folktales and Bible stories for a mobile app Bedtime Stories Collection and also voiced The Kissing Hand as a learn-to-read audiobook for children.

Her 6 audiobooks that she has thus far narrated are on Audible, iTunes, and There’s one for very young children; two that are Gothic Romance novels; one non-fiction book about antique collecting, and 2 historical fiction audiobooks. These last two have been for Evolved Publishing: Circles, and its sequel Spirals, both by Ruby Standing Deer, who created especially endearing characters like the young ‘Holy-Man-in-the-making’ Feather Floating In Water; the revered Holy Woman, Blue Night Sky, as well as the oddly-behaving, lovable and venerable Holy Man called Wanderer.

Karen is excited to be joining with the Evolved Publishing team and is looking forward to giving voice to many more characters along the way.

For more, please visit Karen’s website (linked under the Contact tab).


Produced/Narrated by Karen Rose Richter:

Up Next

UP NEXT: Produced/Narrated by Karen Rose Richter:

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Holly Adams

Voice Actor

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Holly Adams is a voice actor who produces audio books for

An actress and physical theatre performer for many years before becoming a Voice Actor, Holly continues to divide her time between stage, circus, and audiobook narration. A favorite project this year has been working with girls in Kabul for the Afghan Children’s Circus. No matter what she is doing, Holly absolutely loves telling a story and bringing characters to life.

Holly began her VO career doing radio plays and audiobook characters with the amazing Full Cast Audio company; fans of Full Cast may recognize her as Alannah in books by Tamora Pierce, or any number of characters from other audiobooks, including “Sun Moon Stars Rain,” “Stop the Train!,” and “The Goose Girl.”

Since then, Holly has voiced radio and web commercials, various e-learning projects, multiple videos (including several for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology) and PSAs, including this year’s Epilepsy Foundation PSA at Citifield.

And of course, audiobooks! Recent favorites include Scents and Sensuality, and Our Red Hot Romance is Leaving Me Blue. Holly is thrilled to be a part of the Evolved Publishing team, and looks forward to adding Evolved Publishing titles to the ‘favs’!

To learn more about Holly and her body of work, please visit his website (linked under the “Contact” tab).

Audio Books

Audio Books Produced and Narrated by Holly Adams:


Listen to a sample of The Lone Wolf HERE (click on “PLAY AUDIO SAMPLE” right under the cover).

Up Next

Up Next:

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