On the Edge of Death

On the Edge of Death


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All the Left Hand of Death wants is something to call her own, but is the price too high?

Ellaeva, the fated avatar of the death goddess, is desperate to track down her missing family but the trail is decades old. Instead, she discovers her battered and bloodied sister priestesses driven across the Jerreki border on pain of death. Ellaeva must turn aside from her personal quest to investigate the murders, only to find her parents have been taken into the heart of the conflict.

Lyram Aharris, favoured son of the royal line of Ahlleyn, is the only living person she trusts to help her infiltrate the enemy stronghold and uproot the horror they find there, but their chequered past threatens the mission. Accompanying him is his crown prince, the one man Lyram wants dead above all others.

Now Ellaeva must face down the darkness in her soul before a dark god is brought into the world.

At the boundary of life and death, all oaths will be tested.

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Perfect Bound / Softcover:

ISBN: 1622536045
ISBN-13: 978-1-62253-604-7
6.14 x 9.21 x 0.xxxx (1.xxx Lbs)
xxx Pages (xx/Carton)
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Ciara Ballintyne – Author
Marissa van Uden – Editor
Sam Keiser – Cover Artist
Lane Diamond – Interior Designer

Series: The Sundered Oath, Book 2
Genres: 4.99 eBooks, Fantasy > Dark, Fantasy > Epic, Horror, Sword and Sorcery
Tags: eBook, Paperback
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2017 / 2022
Format: Paperback, eBook
Length: 120,319 Words
ISBN: 9781622536047
List Price: 2nd Edition Paperback Coming Soon
eBook Price: $4.99

Fans of powerful fantasy female protagonists will relish Ellaeva, who responds with sassy confrontation to challenging situations: “Does my mouse want to come out to play?” “That depends. Do you want to dance with me?” Ellaeva quick-stepped to the door, hoping to catch the Voice by surprise or get close enough to frighten her, but the other woman stood a good three feet away, her arms folded over her chest."

The cat-and-mouse game operates on many levels, so fantasy readers should anticipate a level of complexity that runs the gamut from social and political observation to psychological self-inspection and physical clashes.

In some ways the story offers elements of a sword-and-sorcery production, replete with battles and the feints and recoveries of swordplay. In other ways, it's at once a murder mystery and a psychological self-inspection where a priestess devoted to truth and justice faces an evil force in the world that hides under the cloak of politics and family. The story's ability to weave a tone that doesn't neatly fit into many of the predictable devices of fantasy genre writing imparts a sense of surprise to events which make twists and turns throughout as Ellaeva's seemingly-singular quest unravels the strands that connect her world.

While the setting and characters created in the first book, In the Company of the Dead, will lend background depth to this sequel, it's not a requirement that the first be consulted in order for new readers to immediately immerse themselves in Ellaeva's world. Returning fans will find many engrossing expansions of themes hinted at in the opening story, while newcomers will quickly be immersed in Ellaeva's purposes and challenges and the actions surrounding her choices.

Both will find this a powerful epic fantasy production worthy of reading, re-reading, and recommendation.

As dark as On the Edge of Death was, it was also completely captivating. From the first chapter when we, along with Ellaeva, find the beaten and bloodied bodies of her priestesses, I was sucked right in. Why wasn’t the goddess answering her and, more importantly, who was doing this to her fellow priestesses? The more answers I got, the more questions I had as the mystery unraveled at a steady clip. From the formal way the characters spoke, which transports the reader to another time and another place, to the odd names that suck you right in, there is no pretending you’re not in an alternate world to our current one. Ciara Ballintyne fantastically creates this other world in every word, pulls you in and leaves you panting for more by the time you reach the final page. A truly satisfying read that will leave you ready for the next adventure.

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