Bella and the Blue Genie

Bella is so excited when she discovers an old lamp, because it looks just like the lamps in those stories she loves. What will happen if she rubs it? Will a genie appear and offer her three wishes, just like in those stories? She rubs it and... presto! A real-life genie! But the genie looks so... blue--in more ways than one. Bella does everything she can to cheer Genie up, and along the way she discovers an important lesson: there’s more than one way to make wishes come true.

This children’s picture book is ideal for kids 3-6 years old.

Jonathan Gould tells a warm and funny story about friendship and responsibility, with fun illustrations from Richard Tran that bring the colourful world of a child to life.

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About the Book

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Sample Illustrations by Richard Tran:

Print Book Info

Case Laminate / Hardcover w/ Premium Color/Finish
(available only directly from the author):

ISBN: 1622530896
ISBN-13: 978-1-62253-089-2
7 x 10 x 0.2500 (0.734 Lbs)
44 Pages (34/Carton)
List Price: $26.95

Perfect Bound / Softcover
(Standard Color/Finish):

ISBN: 1622530888
ISBN-13: 978-1-62253-088-5
7 x 10 x 0.0911 (0.213 Lbs)
44 Pages (93/Carton)
List Price: $10.95


The hardcover (case laminate) version of this book has been produced in high-end premium color & finish, giving it a distinctive quality. It is available EXCLUSIVELY from the author.

The Team

Jonathan Gould — Author
Richard Tran — Illustrator
Lane Diamond — Editor, Project Manager

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Genres: 3.99 eBooks, Children's Picture Books
Tags: eBook, Paperback
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback, eBook
Length: 1,077 Words, 28 Color Illustrations
Illustrator: Richard Tran
ISBN: 1622530888
List Price: $10.95 Paperback (May Be Discounted By Retailers)
eBook Price: $3.99