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William LJ Galaini

Dark Fantasy, Religious Fantasy,
Religious Fiction, Steampunk Sci-Fi,
Visionary & Metaphysical

Having lived up and down the East Coast, William Galaini finally settled outside of DC after a charming stream of career failures that ranged from the hospitality business to the military. After marrying his college sweetheart, writing became his vehicle to pull his life together. Six novels, four cats, forty pounds, and one son later, you now can find him here at Evolved Publishing.

His work focuses on character revelation and multifaceted conflicts nestled within science fiction and fantasy settings. The influences that echo in his writing include role-playing games, classic literature, world history, and his personal experience. To recharge, he naps on the couch under his mother’s afghan, surrounded by his cats.

Contact him through his website at www.WilliamLJGalaini.com, because he desperately needs to hear what you thought of his work!

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William LJ Galaini


Dark Fantasy /
Religious Fantasy /
Steampunk Sci-Fi /
Visionary & Metaphysical

Helllbound – Book 1

In New Dis, Purgatory, there is no rest for the dead. Sprouting from the rim of Hell’s depths, not even this bohemian city of the afterlife—full of mercantile enterprises, engineering innovations, and political intrigue—is immune to the tragedies filtering down into it as war and endless suffering rage on Earth above.

Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award, Summer 2021 –
Best Religious Fiction

“…a superb work of religious fantasy fiction… well planned, well plotted, and cinematically written….” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, K.C. Finn (5 STARS)

Fantasy readers looking for something different—say, Dante on steroids—will find everything they are looking for right up to the unexpected conclusion…” ~ Midwest Book Reviews, Diane Donavan (Sr. Reviewer)

“Fast-paced, action-packed, and weirdly entertaining… a cannon blast of a start to a series with a highly unique premise.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Pikasho Deka (5 STARS)


Dark Fantasy /
Religious Fantasy /
Steampunk Sci-Fi /
Visionary & Metaphysical

Helllbound – Book 2

Can vengeance against an ancient enemy wash away her centuries of shame?

“Galaini hits a ripping line drive over the left field fence! Imagine: a beautifully written fantasy novel, set in the pits of Dante’s Hell … with Steampunk tech … and historical figures you may never have known … and incredible imagery … and I could go on and on and on! This series is a must read for mature audiences (imo) but maybe not so much for the little ones. Some serious adult themes, historically accurate racism language, as well as some gorgeously descriptive violence and gore are my reasons. But here’s the deal: I’m team Boudica. **** Sun Tsu! That is all.” ~ Amazon Customer, Verified Purchase (5 STARS)

“ENGAGING READ: I would liken it to the Xena Roman arc crossed with the Doctor Who episode ‘The Eaters of Light.’ This installment is even more engaging than its predecessor.” ~ Hibel (5 STARS)

“YES!!! Character development is amazing, and the world building is truly imaginative.” ~ Lester (5 STARS)


Dark Fantasy /
Religious Fantasy /
Steampunk Sci-Fi /
Visionary & Metaphysical

Helllbound – Book 3

Desperate and despondent, Yitz struggles forward to find Adina’s heart.

The final pieces have been played and the architect of New Dis’s upheaval has been revealed. With Hephaestion indisposed and Boudica missing, few heroes remain to rectify the oppression promised by this new enemy. Who will face them? Who will lock horns and spar with this mighty power of industry, finance, corruption, and hubris?

Yitz, determined to rescue his wife Adina from her captors, finds himself in the precarious position of both leader and savior—not just for his love, but for all of New Dis. Leading a motley crew of misfits, the troubled and timid husband delves into Aztec horrors and mechanized war machines to befriend demons and forge alliances. He must not only save the future of New Dis, but hold his Adina once more.


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