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William E. Noland

Paranormal, Supernatural Thriller, Urban Fantasy

William Noland combines a lifelong love of speculative fiction with a passion for history, sociology, and psychology. Engaging and entertaining, Noland’s stories carry his hallmark of strong character development that weaves through every book in this page-turner series. In addition to writing, William plays in multiple rock bands and loves international travel and reading. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two cats.

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Horror / Paranormal /
Speculative / Urban Fantasy /
Supernatural Thriller

Uncommon Bonds –
Book 1

An ancient entity, trapped and suffering; a girl who inexplicably hears cries of anguish in her dreams…. What’s their connection?

Independent Author Network –
Book of the Year 2022 –
Fiction: Paranormal/Supernatural
Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award, Fall 2022 –
Best Supernatural Thriller

“I just kept turning the pages and could not put it down… The story was fast-paced and very interesting and kept me on the edge of my seat.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Alma Boucher (5 STARS)

“I seldom read a book and start laughing out loud, but with Playing with Fire… this happened more than once. …Waiting for the next book is going to feel like an eternity. I can’t wait to read more about these characters who later on felt like friends.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Antoinette Wessels (5 STARS)

“…a fascinating and exciting story that has depth and different cultural references. This shows how much effort the author put into the story and added to the already amazing writing and plot.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Miche Arendse (5 STARS)


Horror / Paranormal /
Speculative / Urban Fantasy /
Supernatural Thriller

Uncommon Bonds –
Book 2

A grainy photograph and a cry for help begin a new descent into terror for long-separated friends Lotte Schwarz and Eric Schneider.

“Noland has a gift for vivid description and a sense of place; his action scenes are wonderfully cinematic. As much as I liked Playing with Fire, the first book in the series, I liked Hammer to Fall even more. The characters are older and their adult dilemmas are more relatable. Eric in particular continues to develop and to grow in self-understanding and confidence.” ~ JCH (5 STARS)

“Noland masterfully weaves historical fiction with modern fiction, with two equally interesting intertwined narratives that converge over the course of the story. Perhaps my favorite aspect is the development of Lotte and Eric, both as individual people and as the ‘odd couple’ that is the hallmark of their relationship. Highly recommended!” ~ Rose W. (5 STARS)


Horror / Paranormal /
Speculative / Urban Fantasy /
Supernatural Thriller

Uncommon Bonds –
Book 3

A devastating flood and a chance encounter trigger a rapid-fire series of events that again pit Lotte Schwarz and Eric Schneider against challenges both mortal and supernatural.

After a fortuitous meeting, Lotte discovers yet another otherworldly portal, but others are also hot on the trail of this artifact.

When Lotte disappears, Eric must walk a tightrope to find her, all the while safeguarding their terrible secrets. As the danger escalates, humankind’s destiny may well hang in the balance.

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May 2022: William’s debut novel, PLAYING WITH FIRE (Book 1 of “Uncommon Bonds”), is released.

November 2022: PLAYING WITH FIRE is named a Finalist in the Independent Author Network’s Book of the Year in 2022, in the category of Fiction: Paranormal/Supernatural.

December 2022: HAMMER TO FALL (Book 2 of “Uncommon Bonds”), is released.

January 2023: PLAYING WITH FIRE wins the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Fall 2022, as the Best Supernatural Thriller.

April 2023: FROM THE BEGINNING (Book 3 of “Uncommon Bonds”), is released.

December 2023: DAY OF JUDGMENT (Book 4 of “Uncommon Bonds”), is released.

January 2024: HAMMER TO FALL wins the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Fall 2023, as the Best Thriller.

February 2024: Audiobook for PLAYING WITH FIRE (Book 1 of “Uncommon Bonds”) is released.

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