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Timothy G. Little

…Bringing Authors’ Work Alive with a Vocal Performance for Your Listening Pleasure…

Timothy began using his voice at a very early age, in public speaking and drama classes, which eventually led to a successful career in business-to-business sales, and to teaching people of all ages. Looking for a drastic change in lifestyle, he sold his house in 2008 and moved aboard a sailboat. Sailing has taken him from Idaho to Istanbul, allowing him to live in Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica, as well as Florida. His teaching English, writing, and voice acting has given him the ability to be a modern-day “digital nomad,” immersing himself in the cultures that he lives in. He now focuses full-time on voice work, specializing in audiobook narration, and has over two dozen titles published, rasnging from romance to mystery to self-help. His baritone voice, intellectual “everyman” delivery, and ability to keep listeners’ attention with dialog, are just some of the strengths he offers.

Featured Audiobooks Performed
by Timothy G. Little


Fantasy, Religious,
Supernatural Thriller

A Nephilim Thriller – Book 1

It turns out that hell and Lucifer aren’t what Steven Cabbott imagined. That’s a good thing, although he’s still forced to make a deal with the Devil, one that might trigger the Apocalypse.


Contemporary, Family Saga,
Literary Fiction

Follow the fates of two families, one wealthy and powerful, the other blue collar, from a chance meeting at a Florida poolside, to a fateful choice—a sacrifice—which could change the course of history.


Horror, Literary Fiction,
Medical Thriller,
Paranormal, Speculative

What if you had a superpower nobody would ever want? And if you don’t use it, you die? For one man facing the above dilemma, the choices he makes take him on an extraordinary journey he’s reluctant to share, but relates with candor and insight.


Crime, Mystery,
Private Detective

Denny McConnell – Book 1

Denny puts to good use his engineering skills on a new case, and becomes entangled in the bitter family feud that includes murder, mayhem, and lies. Now, he has to stay alive long enough to untangle this deadly mess.

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