About the Narrator:


Theresa Bakken

…Bringing Authors’ Work Alive with a Vocal Performance for Your Listening Pleasure…

Theresa loves immersing herself in the worlds writers create.  She draws on her experience as an Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist to bring empathy to every character and professionalism to each new narration project. She balances warmth and wit in her delivery.  Her love of story also shines as host and producer of the Desideratum Podcast. She records from her home studio in Colorado, where she lives with her husband, her honey bees, and a small barn full of feathered and wooly friends.  Her three children inspire, encourage and remind her that each chapter in life builds on the last and opens new doors.

Audiobooks Performed
by Theresa Bakken


Literary Fiction /
Family Saga

Trixie Burnett, a 23-year-old single mom and the only prostitute in the small northeast Texas town of Pineywoods, knows the winning lottery ticket in her purse is about to change things forever.

But reputations and attitudes don’t change as easily as bank accounts or hairstyles. Seems everyone in town has something to hide, and movers and shakers don’t give up their positions easily. Some will stop at nothing to protect their power, especially from a hooker-turned-philanthropist who knows their most intimate, embarrassing secrets and now dares to enter their sanctuaries.

“A captivating story… a fantastic storyteller with an appealing writing style… a beautiful book.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews (5 Stars)

“A beautiful story… incredible storyline. Hop on the Robb Grindstaff bandwagon.” ~ Feathered Quill