AUGUST 23, 2018: We welcome our newest author to the Evolved Publishing Team.

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Scott Shinberg has served in leadership positions across the US Government and industry for over twenty-five years. He has worked in and with the US Air Force, the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and most “Three-Letter Agencies.” While in government service, he served as an Air Force Intelligence Operations Officer and a Special Agent with the FBI. He lives in Virginia with his wife and sons.




COMING FALL 2020: Fly by Night
(Michelle Reagan – 3):

The rescue of a kidnapped CIA officer takes an unimaginable turn for the worse.

To rescue a kidnapped CIA officer, the Agency sends elite tactical operator Michelle Reagan—codename Eden—into action. With the life of the kidnapped woman in the hands of a terrorist, Eden uncovers a sinister plot against America. She leads an elite team in a heart-pounding race against time to uncover the truth about a terrorist plot and unmask a possible mole in the CIA.

In a life-and-death fight against an enemy willing to die for its cause, Michelle struggles to accept the personal consequences of what she must do to stop the dramatic attack. Will she have to sacrifice the life of a friend in order to save the lives of thousands of innocent Americans?
COMING 2021: Sargon the Third
(Michelle Reagan – 4):

Terrorist leader Sargon the Third is poised to succeed where ISIS failed. He hides his Caliphate’s soldiers and spies among throngs of refugees spreading across the world.

After ISIS’s dramatic failure, shadowy terrorist leader Sargon the Third has learned how to succeed from those who went before him. To identify the anonymous terrorist leader and kill him, CIA covert action operator Michelle Reagan—codename Eden—goes undercover.

From prostitutes in bikinis to interrogations at a CIA black site, Eden stops at nothing to find the terrorist by following the money trail across the Mediteranean. As she crisscrosses Europe, Eden lies, steals, and cheats her way to Sargon’s front door. Even with her team at her back, she could never be prepared for what waits inside… and may be the death of her.