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Gryphon Corpus

18 May 2020: The Evolved Publishing Team welcomes its newest audiobook producer/narrator.

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Charming, playful, self-confident… an injection of wicked smart for your book.

Gryphon has loved reading aloud to people since she first learned to interpret the little black marks on the page. Originally from Austria, she’s fluent in German and able to pronounce a number of languages without accent. A varied and colourful background lets her connect to a wide range of topics: she’s been a molecular biologist and a farmer on a commune, a dancer, a teacher, a knitwear designer and yarn dyer, and a practicing Tibetan Buddhist. When she’s not narrating, Gryphon is studying classical Chinese acupuncture in graduate school and homeschooling her pre-teen daughter, Sappho.

Audiobooks Narrated and Produced by Gryphon Corpus:

The Haunt at
Hogg Run
by J.P. Barnett

The Kraken of
Cape Madre
by J.P. Barnett

Leaving the Beach
Mary Rowen

Living by Ear
Mary Rowen

The Witch of
Gray’s Point
by J.P. Barnett

Mary Rowen

DECEMBER 9, 2018: We welcome our newest author to the Evolved Publishing Team.

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I’m drawn to stories about women facing and overcoming challenges at various stages of life, so I love reading and writing women’s fiction. Music, musicians, and music fans tend to find their way into my work too.

Other interests include feminism, body image issues, parenting, and current events. I blog about that stuff and more whenever I can. My essays have been featured on numerous sites and blogs, including Mutha Magazine, Feminine Collective, and Huffington Post.

A graduate of Providence College, I was raised in the Massachusetts Merrimack Valley, and live in the Boston area with my family and pets.




COMING FALL 2020: It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way:

Molly Dolan, an insecure twenty-something woman, spends most days ricocheting between hope and despair.

Molly keeps rushing into relationships with the wrong men, brought about by a violent incident during her teen years, which skewed her judgment. Now she’s drinking too much, taking foolish risks, and allowing a predatory male to sexually harass her at work.

A chance encounter with Fred Flaherty, her 72-year-old divorced neighbor, leads to a tentative friendship. Fred, a Cold War veteran and ham radio operator, has suffered considerably over the decades, but also dreams of a better future. As summer becomes autumn, the two neighbors share stories of personal loss, bond over their passion for Jim Croce’s music, and develop trust and mutual respect.

This is fortunate, because winter is about to bring on challenges neither could have predicted.

“This book is not to be missed. But before you start, it might be a good idea to put on your Jim Croce album—the chapter titles are his songs. This book is simply… well… fabulous!” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Jon Michael Miller

“…Women’s fiction at its best… highly recommended for readers who like their characters realistic, warm, and thoroughly engrossing.” ~ Midwest Book Review, D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer