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Storm P. Browne

…Bringing Authors’ Work Alive with a Vocal Performance for Your Listening Pleasure…

Yes, that’s his real name. No, he doesn’t control the weather or hang out with the X-Men (as cool as that would be), but Storm is always excited to bring great stories to life. Whether through music during his time in nationally-acclaimed collegiate choirs, on the stage starring in musicals such as Guys and Dolls, or reading the day’s headlines to the visually impaired via the Radio Reading Service in his soothing, lyrical baritone, Storm has long enjoyed conveying information, emotion, and passion through storytelling with his voice. Through various accents, imitations, and learned vocal control, Storm has developed, as his drama teacher used to call it, “a whole cast of characters in those vocal chords.

When he’s not behind a microphone, hoping to become the next Movie Trailer Voice Guy, or singing showtunes in the shower, you can find Storm enthralled with a great story, be it a novel, film or video game.

Audiobooks Performed by
Storm P. Browne


Literary Fiction /
Magical Realism /
Mexican Family Culture

In the early 70s, the past sins of one man led to the punishment of an entire town, bringing murder, passion, unrequited love, and a connection to the strangest chain of events imaginable.

Atascadero, (Spanish for Deep Mud) in the early 70s boasts a drive-in theater and a Burger Queen where teens gather on Saturday nights. Lovers head up to Lake Success, and gas is $0.32 a gallon at the Shell station—the one with the ‘S’ knocked out by vandals. Nothing ever happens in Deep Mud, until someone straps Mayor Suggs to a skyrocket during the Fourth of July fireworks extravaganza, and he explodes all over the townsfolk.

Soon after, a popular family physician resurrects his dead wife, daughter, and several others with mixed results. A failed high school baseball pitcher is gifted with a 95 MPH fastball by the spirit of a murdered child, someone has freed the animals from Chaffey Zoo—including a Bengal tiger—and a stalker is going around in a ‘Tricky Dicky’ mask attacking people with a pair of pliers.

Only Ricardo Meneses, teenage son of Mexican immigrants, can save Deep Mud. He possesses the ‘cursed jewel,’ which he must return to the grave.