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Sam Rosenthal

…Bringing Authors’ Work Alive with a Vocal Performance for Your Listening Pleasure…

Sam’s passion for the performing arts has led him to a rewarding career in the theatre, where he has worn many hats working professionally for over 25 years in Canada. He has been an actor, director, and Artistic Director of several companies, including currently being the AD of an immersive theatre company in Toronto, The Hogtown Experience (hogtownexperience.com). Selected TV and Film include The Mohel, Diggstown, Escaping the NXIVM Cult, The Riftworld Chronicles, Man Seeking Woman, Murdoch Mysteries, Copper, The Firm and The Russell Peters Christmas Special.

A recently built professional home studio has allowed Sam to pivot his storytelling skills into the narration and production of audiobooks, and has produced many successful titles. Sam also creates immersive audio experiences for companies and can be contacted through this site for more details.

Sam is a member of ACTRA and Canadian Actors Equity Association.

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by Sam Rosenthal


Humor / Satire /
Literary Fiction

Holidazed – Book 1

Delphyne Shadow is Solomon’s ex-girlfriend from hell—literally. At Halloween, she returns for his soul.

Back in 1979, when Solomon Zuch and Delphyne Shea were in high school, they shared an intense, romantic liaison on Halloween night. It became one of Solomon’s most treasured memories.

Twenty years later, Solomon is the married manager of The All Hallows’ Eve Shoppe, a pop-up store that reopens every year to sell Halloween supplies to customers in north Columbus, Ohio. Delphyne Shadow, as she is now popularly known, calls herself the Madonna of the Underworld, and every year she hosts the most infamous Halloween party in town, The Nightmare Bash.

At the end of the millennium, Delphyne plans the most outrageous Nightmare Bash ever. Unexpectedly, she comes back into Solomon’s life, making a “business proposition” too good to be true – together, they will co-host the Nightmare Bash, right inside The All Hallows’ Eve Shoppe.

But Regina, Solomon’s wife, a psychic healer, knows that Delphyne has hidden motives. Only she can protect Solomon from his former lover’s sinister plan to steal his soul… if her powers are strong enough.


Humor / Satire /
Literary Fiction

Holidazed – Book 2

All Huck wants for Christmas is a revolution… and donuts. Vive la Revolution!

“I loved the unusual choice for the setting, a drive-through donut shop in a working-class area in middle America. With that setting, the author develops the employees and customers into an amusing and endearing cast of characters with differing racial, political, cultural and economic backgrounds, who nevertheless share a common core of humanity. The storyline is delightful, and I loved how it played out. Gregg Sapp’s smart witty high-quality writing will appeal to readers looking for something refreshingly and delightfully different.” ~ David Hejna, Author of ‘Utopia Café’ (5 STARS)


Humor / Satire /
Literary Fiction

Holidazed – Book 3

Neighboring small towns, Coon Creek and Golden Springs, Ohio, enter their own little war, and may never be the same after the coming Fourth of July celebration.

“This book pokes fun at both redneck conservatives and liberal academics. This is the first book by this author I have read but won’t be the last.” ~ Dan Smith

“Gregg Sapp a native of middle America knows the area whereof he writes. He also knows about American colleges. His characters come alive on the first page and drive the story thereafter. Very interesting idea – to write a book about each holiday. Reminds me of a film classic starring Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, and Marjorie Reynolds about an inn opened only on holidays. The book is timely in that it takes up the right versus the left.” ~ Art Is Life (5 STARS)

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