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Coming-of-Age, Literary Fiction, Family Saga, Satire, Southern Fiction

In addition to a career as a newspaper editor, publisher, and manager, Robb Grindstaff has written fiction most of his life. The newspaper biz has taken him and his family from Phoenix, Arizona, to small towns in North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin, from seven years in Washington, D.C., to five years in Asia. Born and raised a small-town kid, he’s as comfortable in Tokyo or Tuna, Texas.

The variety of places he’s lived and visited serve as settings for the characters who invade his head.

His novels are probably best classified as contemporary southern lit, and he’s had more than a dozen short stories published in a wide array of genres. His articles on the craft of fiction writing have appeared in various writer magazines and websites, and one of his seminars was presented at the Sydney (Australia) Writers Festival. He also has taught writing courses for the Romance Writers of America, Romance Writers of Australia, and Savvy Authors.

Robb retired from the newspaper business in the summer of 2020 to write and edit fiction full time.

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Literary Fiction /
Coming-of-Age /
Family Saga

When six-year-old Hannah’s brutal honesty is mistaken for lying, she stops speaking. Her family, her community, and eventually the entire nation, struggle to find meaning in her silence. All she wants is to find her momma, a little peace and quiet, and maybe some pancakes.

Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award, Summer 2014 –
Best Fiction

From Michelle L. Johnson: “This book is so well written and Hannah is so compelling, her voice lingers in my mind long after I have finished reading. If Hannah’s Voice doesn’t end up on the bestseller’s list, on every notable list… I will be shocked. I will definitely keep my eyes open for more from Robb Grindstaff!”

From Naomi Sarah: “Hannah’s Voice is a beautiful story, and I’m going to tell you about it, but before I do: seriously, you guys, read it. I’m not kidding. You’ll be changed forever, inside… it’s not a book with such strong thematic material that it will make anyone cringe, but it will be burned into your brain for eternity in such a delightful way. Touching, moving, funny, awesome. I can’t say it enough: this book is revolutionary, and the best thing I’ve read in years.”


Literary Fiction /
Coming-of-Age /
Family Saga

For Carrie Destin, a biracial military brat growing up around the world, home is never where you left it. When she learns the injuries she sustained in a car accident will prove fatal before she reaches adulthood, she faces her abbreviated life with a brash attitude and a biting, sometimes morbid sense of humor, racing to experience life before it ends.

Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award, Fall 2015 –
Best Fiction

From Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews: “I’m still marveling at what an impressive and enjoyable book this is, and I’m looking forward to reading anything by Grindstaff that I can get my hands on. …most highly recommended.”

From Tamra Reynolds: “The ending was not what I expected, and I put the book down still in tears. This is a beautiful book and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Any book that has me laughing out loud one minute and in tears the next (on public transportation no less!) is a must read.”


Literary Fiction /

An unlikely celebrity with a self-help book becomes a reluctant spiritual guru to the Hollywood elite, spawning a cult he wants nothing to do with.

Reader Views:
Reader’s Choice
Awards – 2023 – All Fiction
(Chosen from 23 Category Winners)
Feathered Quill
Book Awards – 2023 –
Adult Fiction
Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award, Fall 2022 –
Best Literary Fiction

“…a unique attempt, using an unusual style and format, to pinpoint and highlight both the light and dark sides of the human psyche. Slade is an incredibly powerful and thought-provoking story… This is a fantastic book on many levels and I can highly recommend it.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Grant Leishman (5 Stars)


Literary Fiction /
Family Saga

Trixie Burnett, a 23-year-old single mom and the only prostitute in the small northeast Texas town of Pineywoods, knows the winning lottery ticket in her purse is about to change things forever.

But reputations and attitudes don’t change as easily as bank accounts or hairstyles. Seems everyone in town has something to hide, and movers and shakers don’t give up their positions easily. Some will stop at nothing to protect their power, especially from a hooker-turned-philanthropist who knows their most intimate, embarrassing secrets and now dares to enter their sanctuaries.

“A captivating story… a fantastic storyteller with an appealing writing style… a beautiful book.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews (5 Stars)

“A beautiful story… incredible storyline. Hop on the Robb Grindstaff bandwagon.” ~ Feathered Quill

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January 2013: Robb Grindstaff’s first novel, HANNAH’S VOICE, is released by Evolved Publishing, earning top reviews from Marked by Books, Book Referees, and Gimme the Scoop Book Reviews, among many others.

September 2013: Robb’s second novel, CARRY ME AWAY, is released, also by Evolved, and immediately picks up five-star reviews from Readers’ Favorite, Books4TheSoul, and Marked by Books.

Summer 2014: HANNAH’S VOICE wins the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Fiction.

Fall 2015: CARRY ME AWAY wins the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Fiction.

May 2022: Robb’s award-winning novel SLADE is released to rave reviews from Readers’ Favorites, Feathered Quill, and bestselling authors.

May 2022: Evolved Publishing launches JUNE BUG GOTHIC: TALES FROM THE SOUTH, a collection of eighteen of Robb’s “best of” short stories, including the award-winning “DESERT RAIN,” honored as one of the Top Five best horror stories from 2007-2012 by HORROR BOUND literary magazine. This collection includes a couple of previously unpublished stories and one brand spankin’ new story, the title track “JUNE BUG.”

Fall 2022: Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards selects SLADE as Best Literary Fiction.

February 2023: Feathered Quill Book Awards announces SLADE as the Gold Medal Award winner for Best Adult Fiction of 2022.

February 2023: Feathered Quill Book Awards announces JUNE BUG GOTHIC as the Bronze Medal winner in short story collections for 2022.

March 2023: SLADE picks up another Gold Medal Award from Feathered Quill as the Readers’ Choice for Best Overall Book of 2022, selected from among the 23 Gold Medal winners in all categories/genres.

May 2023: Evolved Publishing launches Robb’s latest novel, TURNING TRIXIE, picking up a five-star review from Feathered Quill, and a unanimous five-star rating from a panel of three reviewers at Readers’ Favorite.

UPDATED – June 2023: In addition to his duties as an editor for Evolved Publishing, freelance editor, book coach, and writing instructor for the highly acclaimed writers workshop and retreat Novel-in-Progress Book Camp, Robb is also hard at work on his next novel, tentatively titled FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH, hopeful for a 2024 book launch.

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