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R.M. Lowery

Crime Fiction, Mysteries, Noir Fiction

R.M. Lowery’s stories have appeared in Black Cat Mystery Magazine, Workers Write: Tales from the Key of C, and others. Also an award-winning journalist, Lowery’s reporting work has been published by the Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, and news outlets in nineteen states and the District of Columbia.

Rooted in Illinois and raised in Colorado, Lowery currently lives in New Mexico with his beautiful wife and their clowder of cats.

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R.M. Lowery


Investigative Mystery,
Crime Thriller

Jakob Larsen Mysteries – Book 1

Someone murdered sixteen-year-old Grace Sutherland and dumped her body along the riverbank.

The news shocks most in the Midwest town of Stonebridge, but for reporter Jakob Larsen, her death dredges up particularly bad memories. Two years ago, his father was murdered, and police have yet to make an arrest.

Knowing the pain the girl’s family feels, Jakob is determined to find answers for them, answers his family still doesn’t have. In the process, he uncovers details that could rip the Sutherland family apart.

Scheduled for release on 25 March 2024.


Investigative Mystery,
Crime Thriller

Jakob Larsen Mysteries – Book 2

Someone is killing drug dealers.

Some in the Midwest town of Stonebridge speculate that a vigilante is behind the violence. Others believe it’s merely fallout from ongoing gang wars.

Reporter Jakob Larsen isn’t content with either opinion. When he starts digging for answers, he discovers massive corruption within the police department and a link to a powerful cartel, information that places him and those closest to him in grave danger.

Scheduled for release on 9 September 2024.


Investigative Mystery,
Crime Thriller

Jakob Larsen Mysteries – Book 3

More details coming soon….

Scheduled for release on 10 March 2025.

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August 2023: R.M. Lowery contracts with Evolved Publishing for the “Jakob Larsen Mysteries” series of investigative nystery novels.

More coming soon….

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