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Mark Thomas

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Mark Thomas is a retired English and Philosophy teacher, long time wrestling and rowing coach, and ex-member of Canada’s national rowing team. Currently, he is an artist and writer living with his wife Margo in St. Catharines, Canada.

He plays bluegrass banjo and guitar, and loves canoeing, camping, and fishing in Ontario’s near-north.

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Crime Thriller Fiction

Peter Jarry Crime Thriller – Book 1

If you see me on the watershed, I’ll probably be smiling. Come over and say hello. I won’t bite.

George Tripko, long-time leader of the family crime and business empire, has just died, and there isn’t nearly as much money in the estate as there should be. Surviving organization members realize they are victims of a complex fraud, and openly suspect each other. But they are also certain that the family arsonist and enforcer, Peter Jarry, must have been an accomplice in the theft.

In order to safely step through the Tripko family minefields, Jarry must unravel the crime and expose the real thief.

Scheduled for release in March 2024.


Crime Thriller Fiction

Peter Jarry Crime Thriller – Book 2

Never burn the same bridge twice.

Peter Jarry celebrates with his best friend and enemy, Jeffery Tripko, after completing a successful job: planting one of his specialty fire bombs in a massage chair near a knock-off leather boutique.

On the drive home, Jarry has to pull off the highway to vomit, and stumbles on a neatly excavated home-made grave. Jarry wonders who the grave is supposed to house and, over the next few weeks, spends his spare time re-locating it and showing it off to friends.

The bizarre pastime backfires when Jeffery assumes the grave has been dug for him, and that Jarry has been elaborately taunting him prior to a family execution.

Scheduled for release in June 2024.


Crime Thriller Fiction

Peter Jarry Crime Thriller – Book 3

This water-logged corpse wanted to follow me back to the cabin.

George Tripko, patriarch of the Tripko crime and business empire, is determined to win an August fishing derby. To help ensure the victory, Peter Jarry, the family arsonist and errand-boy, constructs an illegal fish enclosure, so a dozen trophy bass can be warehoused and fattened.

But as Jarry finishes the pen for his boss, he runs over the neutrally buoyant corpse of a contest rival.  Obviously, the body must be moved, but that obstructive act entangles Jarry in a violent dope-farming war, and a plot to kidnap George’s beautiful young girlfriend.

Scheduled for release in December 2024.


Crime Thriller Fiction

Peter Jarry Crime Thriller – Book 4

More details coming soon….

Scheduled for release in May 2025.

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June 2023: Mark Thomas contracts with Evolved Publishing for the “Peter Jarry Crime Thriller” series of novels.

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