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Margaret Elizabeth Brook

Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction

A graduate of Columbia University, Margaret lives in Atlanta with a bossy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Wesley, and a backyard full of very rude and hungry deer! Weekends may bring visits to her log cabin atop its own mountain, the perfect writing retreat. Previously a poet and short story author, her main focus now is on historical fiction.

As the mother of a September 11 survivor of the South Tower WTC, the loss of innocence is a frequently addressed topic of her writing, coupled with her lifelong love of history. Occasional visits to house museums have been known to produce a ghost story or two. If the voices are speaking, she’s listening.

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A crow’s nest view casts a surprising new light on the sinking of the Titanic.

“A fresh, illuminating take on a maritime disaster, An Ocean of Blame focuses on Frederick Fleet, lookout on the Titanic. With compassion and skill, Brook explores the personal and professional demons that haunted him throughout his life, dogging him from orphanage to his death.” ~ Susan Crawford, Bestselling author of “The Pocket Wife”

As a toddler, Frederick Fleet is discarded at a foundling hospital. At age twelve, the orphanage passes Fred off to work on a ship, setting his life in motion as a seaman. Fate places him as the lookout on duty who first spots the iceberg.

Unloved since birth, he is now condemned by the government, the ship’s owner, and even his wife for failing to sound the alarm quickly enough. Fred lives isolated and rejected until he connects with another victim of the infamous disaster, one from a far different world, sparking a flicker of hope and love.

One crucial detail might have changed everything, saving 1,496 lost souls—and Fred from an undeserved ocean of blame.


December 2023: Margaret Elizabeth Brook signs with Evolved Publishing for the publication of An Ocean of Blame.

April 2024: Brook’s first book, An Ocean of Blame, releases.

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