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Leslie Howard

…Bringing Authors’ Work Alive with a Vocal Performance for Your Listening Pleasure…

Leslie Howard is an established audiobook narrator with over 100 titles. With a background in yoga and spirituality she authentically brings through authors’ messages. A creative and expressive homebirth mother of 6, she brings life and emotion to characters. She lives with her environmentalist herbalist husband of 25 years on a small vegetarian sanctuary with alpacas, pigs, parrots, and more. She is a sag-aftra member who works with major publishers and indie authors, bringing their books to sound waves across the world.

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by Leslie Howard


Post-Apocalyptic / Science Fiction /
Speculative /
Visionary & Metaphysical

New Earth Chronicles – Book 1

American Book Fest –
Best Book Awards 2019 –
Fantasy & Sci Fi AND Cross Genre Fiction

Those privy to ancient writings, after the Solar Flash jolts Earth in 2034, guard the greatest secret of all—a real game-changer.

Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews says, “…a compelling science fiction tale with post-apocalyptic undertones. There is a powerful sense of mystery—secrets hidden in ancient manuscripts and other worlds to explore. The Augur’s View is exciting, featuring an imaginary setting that goes far beyond the world we know.”

D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer at Midwest Book Review, calls it, “…a fast-paced story that embraces all kinds of social, political, moral, and ethical questions while remaining firmly rooted in the dreams, ambitions, and struggles of young people who reach for a better world. It’s a powerful opener to a hero’s journey in which the world beckons with new opportunity and danger, the promise of futuristic science and technology, and the dreams of survivors who both struggle and love on different levels.”

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