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Joseph Rein

Techno-Thriller, Science Fiction

Joseph Rein is the author of the short story collection Roads without Houses (2018), which was nominated for numerous literary prizes. His short fiction has appeared in over twenty journals, magazines, and anthologies worldwide, and has twice been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He is also a screenwriter and critical essayist. His second feature-length film, Who Killed Cooper Dunn? (2022), was featured on Showtime and other streaming platforms. He wrote, produced, and acted in multiple other short festival films, and has two feature-length projects in pre-production. He is currently a Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. When not writing or reading, he can be found hiking with his wife Jessica, playing cribbage, or recovering from various small injuries inflicted by his four children.

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Techno-Thriller /

Youtopia – Book 1

In the individual, virtual-reality-like mind space of Youtopia, “Immersers” can live in their own perfect world, but chaos ensues when an Immerser is murdered inside his Youtopia.

FBI Special Agent Anabel Downer, one of the Bureau’s best, is assigned to the case. In her investigations of the mysterious murder, she interviews Youtopia’s staunchest supporters and naysayers, and gathers clues about the seedier sides of Immerser life.

Along the way, she encounters her own troubled past, and questions herself what is real. As the killer escalates his efforts, Ana must confront not only the hardest case of her life, but also her own demons.

Scheduled for release in March 2024.


Techno-Thriller /

Youtopia – Book 2

More details coming soon….

Scheduled for release in September 2024.


Techno-Thriller /

Youtopia – Book 3

More details coming soon….

Scheduled for release in April 2025.

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February 2023: Joseph Rein signs with Evolved Publishing for his “Youtopia” series.

April 8, 2024: The first book in the “Youtopia” series, YOUTOPIA, officially releases.

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