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James W. Hughes

Dystopian, Young Adult Sci-Fi

I came across the idea for my first novel almost by accident. I was at home on summer break from school–I use the word “summer” lightly, as I’m from the north of England–when a news article caught my eye. It was titled “The First Person to Live to 1000 has Already Been Born.” A year (and several drafts) later I had a manuscript for my first novel: Uploaded.

These days I live in Lancaster, a place equally as cold and wet, with seven of my friends. When I’m not writing (or procrastinating), I alternate my time between finishing off my degree in marketing, cooking, travelling, and running.

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Featured Book by
James W. Hughes


Dystopian / Young Adult Science Fiction

Uploaded – Book 1

In the near future, the secrets of immortality have been unlocked.

Those lucky enough to live forever reside behind the walls of the Enclave, like seventeen-year-old Xander, who on his next birthday is to be Uploaded into a new, indestructible body, never to age or die.

Then there are those that live in the Outside, shrouded in the miserable shadow of the walled city. For Rachel, fighting to survive is a way of life, but trouble is brewing.

When the two paths cross, the secrets of Uploading begin to unravel. Not everyone can live forever, and as each day passes, the price of immortality grows.

The clock ticks down, and Rachel and Xander are left with no choice but to fight the terrifying Enclave government, who will stop at nothing to preserve their way of life.