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Jack Cullen

Science Fiction, Humor,
Parody, Satire

CIBA award winner Jack Cullen is a veteran, attorney, and police captain. An amateur barstool philosopher, he rarely tells his stories the same way twice.

Jack lives in New England with his family and a small horde of pets. His various adventures include waking up in the wrong country, being chased by jackals in Pakistan, floating through the Mayan underworld in an inner tube, and almost being run over by a supertanker while sailing across the Gulf of Mexico. When not writing, he can be found traveling around in a 1956 Willys Wagon called The Professor.

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Jack Cullen


Sci-Fi / Humor /
Parody / Satire

Lock Ferguson vs.
The Aliens – Book 1

The dreaded alien is back, determined to use Lock Ferguson as a weapon of mass destruction, and Earth hangs in the balance.

Thirty years ago, Loughlin “Lock” Ferguson was abducted and experimented on by an alien. Now a middle-aged janitor, Lock’s shocked to discover it has returned and plans on using him as a superweapon. With the help of his misfit friends, Lock must use his new powers to prevent the alien from destroying the planet. Sometimes it takes a janitor to prevent a galactic mess.

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Sci-Fi / Humor /
Parody / Satire

Lock Ferguson vs.
The Aliens – Book 2

The Earth’s in rough shape, and Lock may be just the maintenance man it needs.

A year ago, superpowered janitor and all-around geek, Loughlin “Lock” Ferguson somehow managed to save the world with the help of his oddball friends. Instead of a hero’s welcome, Lock had to flee from the government in order to protect the alien presence trapped in his head.

Now Lock must stop running and put his merry band of misfits back together, because another extraterrestrial threat has emerged, one that has hidden in the shadows of humanity for years, slowly changing the Earth in order to claim it for their own.

To discover what this new enemy is up to, Lock must go undercover at a space defense facility, and for that to work, he has to once again wield the tools he swore he’d never touch again: a mop and bucket.

[Releases in the Summer of 2024.]


Sci-Fi / Humor /
Parody / Satire

Lock Ferguson vs.
The Aliens – Book 3

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[Releases in the Fall of 2024.]

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