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Drew Hill

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I grew up in a small town in the Ozarks, playing baseball, riding bikes, mowing yards, and reading comic books, the youngest of eight children. Norman Rockwell could have moved in down the street and felt right at home. These days I live and write in Arlington, Virginia, with my understanding wife and a cat named Truman. Our three kids are grown, and we are begging for grandchildren.

After nearly a lifetime of writing nonfiction – essays and articles, lectures and lessons – I was rescued from my tedium and set free, liberated to explore life and faith in the realm of fiction. Unwittingly, I seem to have acquired an expansive cast of characters along the way, some begging to enter the story, others hiding in the background, hoping to go unnoticed, but I see them all. So many stories to tell.

I am, as Parker J. Palmer put it, “…one who loves to watch life become words and words become life.”

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Biographical Fiction /
Historical Fiction /
Literary Fiction

While dramatic history unfolds from Greensboro to Selma to Memphis, one man makes his own stand for justice and inclusion.

Crossing the Tracks is set in the railroad yards and union halls of Kansas City during the Civil Rights Movement. It’s the surprising story of a white, working class family man confronting racism and bigotry on the railroad, in the neighborhood, and in his church.


Biographical Fiction /
Literary Fiction /
Social Issues

A pastor is torn between grace and truth, clinging to his convictions as he struggles to salvage his family.

Set in small-town Georgia in the present, this story paints a picture of the best and worst in us, of love and forgiveness doing battle with hatred and intolerance.

If you’ve ever struggled to reconcile your religious faith with contemporary views of sexuality, this story is for you. If your family or your church has been painfully divided over homosexuality or gay marriage, consider It Came Even to Me as an inspiring case study, a deeply moving account of one family’s struggle and reconciliation.


Biographical Fiction /
Historical Fiction /
Literary Fiction

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***Scheduled to release in late 2024.***

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17 Jul 2023: Evolved Publishing releases Drew Hill’s debut novel, CROSSING THE TRACKS.

18 Jul 2024: Evolved Publishing releases Drew Hill’s second novel, IT CAME EVEN TO ME.

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