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Daryl Rothman

Young Adult Fantasy,
Literary Suspense, Magical Realism

I’m a writer. From childhood I kindled three dreams: to one day become a father, a writer, and a baseball player.

Two of three ain’t bad. (I shall neither confirm nor deny holding out deluded hope for the third.) Most of what I write is fiction, but not all. I write the occasional article and guest post, and conduct some interviews. I’m an English major, have a masters in social work, and have been an early childhood leader/advocate for many years. I’m sports-obsessed, love animals, and love to share the veritable treasure trove of pithy comments from my kiddos, particularly my little girl, about whom I receive regular requests for more “Rachelisms.”

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Daryl Rothman


Young Adult Fantasy /
Sword & Sorcery

David Rose – Book 1

Immortality isn’t just about living forever; sometimes, it’s about forever refusing to let things die.

Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award, Fall 2019 –
Best Young Adult Fiction

“I loved this book! David Rose is an inspiring but true-to-life hero and a model for young boys as they navigate the twists and turns of early adolescence. Rothman’s writing is powerful and complex, much more so than you’d expect from a typical YA novel. And the story is just plain ol’ fun! Swords, castles, ancient legends, mythology, magic, and centuries-old duels – what more could you want in a YA fantasy novel?” ~ Amira Makansi (5 STARS)


Young Adult Fantasy /
Sword & Sorcery

David Rose – Book 2

It’s one thing to discover a whole new world, but quite another to survive it. David Rose discovers that, on top of everything else, immortality can kill you.

It’s been less than a year since his fateful 15th birthday, but for David Rose, everything has changed. He’s learned of his immortality, discovered a sinister plot centuries in the making, and survived an attempt on his life at a medieval castle in England. Through it all, he’s more convinced than ever that his mother is alive.

David has been awakened to a wondrous new world, yet one fraught with peril. His awakening has served as a beacon to other immortals, some of whom view him as a threat to be dispatched. Just as he’s learning how to channel the greatest powers of his past lives, he’s abducted by a rogue syndicate bent on exploiting immortals and pitting them against each other in battles to the death.


[Coming Summer/Fall 2023]

Literary Suspense /
Magical Realism

Jacob Fallon, a failed author, plans to win back his family, but then he’s ensnared in a deadly, Faustian pact.

Jacob looks to drown his sorrows at the neighborhood bar, where he’s compelled by the insidious proposition of a sinister figure who approaches him. For a life-changing sum, he must locate four designated strangers and make the case for their lives. He has two weeks.

So begins a race against time to save the lives of four unwitting souls, including that of his son, who means more to him than life itself. To succeed, he must confront his greatest frailties and unearth the darkest of secrets. Along the way, after stripping everything else away, he discovers what truly authors our very lives.


Coming soon….

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