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C.J. Sears

Crime, Horror, Suspense Thriller

An avid reader and writer since middle school, C.J. Sears is the author of the “This Fallen World” horror/thriller series. In 2013, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from Arkansas Tech University. After languishing a few years at a mundane job, C. J. set out to pursue his passion. Inspired by Twin Peaks and Resident Evil, he began working on what would eventually become The Shadow Over Lone Oak – the first of several books chronicling the adventures of eccentric Special Agent Llewyn Finch.

In the fall of 2016, C.J. gave his life to Christ. That faith now informs his storytelling and ongoing blog. He believes that fiction is a uniquely valuable medium for delivering both entertainment and essential truths. His emphasis is on the power of the parable rather than preachiness, and he affirms that no message should get in the way of a good story.

C.J.’s range of interests and hobbies include gaming, occasional poetry, swimming, and amateur photography. He mostly spends time with his family and loved ones, particularly his two rambunctious cats and silly goof dog. The quiet life suits him fine, but when a new vision of monsters and mystery beckons, he’s no stranger to answering the call.

Featured Books by
C.J. Sears


Crime / Horror /
Suspense Thriller

This Fallen World –
Book 1

Tragedy strikes Lone Oak in the form of a dead girl, and it’s just the beginning.

“For me personally, the balance of horror versus thriller was spot on… a thrilling new crime horror series that I, for one, don’t want to miss out on.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, K.C. Finn (5 STARS)

“With every step I made into the story’s plot, the more the suspense, tension, and thrill intensified. …The Shadow over Lone Oak is a magnificent piece of work.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Keith Mbuya (5 STARS)

“A gripping horror/thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, The Shadow over Lone Oak is a wild rollercoaster of a ride you don’t want to get off.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Pikasho Deka (5 STARS)

“An excellent detective story with creepy things happening everywhere!” ~ Book Addict’s Reviews

“Suspenseful. An adrenaline-laced terror-filled fun ride you can’t put down.” ~ Victoria Palmer


Crime / Horror /
Suspense Thriller

This Fallen World –
Book 2

In a world of deception, making the wrong decisions brings dire consequences.

Agent Llewyn Finch reunites with his former partner, Kasey Alexander, to embark on a mission to uncover the truth behind a series of abductions. There’s a hitch, though: Llewyn hasn’t recovered from his last case, and can’t shake the fact that where he goes, death follows.

Someone’s playing a mad game with the lives of innocents, and evidence points to a shadow organization within the government. As Llewyn and Kasey untangle the knots of a grand scheme, they aren’t sure who to trust.


Crime / Horror /
Suspense Thriller

This Fallen World –
Book 3

Agent Llewyn Finch journeys to a remote island, where a great and terrifying secret lies in the heart of the jungle… for those intrepid men of vision uncompromising enough to find it.

“…a deftly scripted novel… original and compelling read that is particularly recommended for personal reading lists and community library collections.” ~ Midwest Book Review

Llewyn investigates former black-ops specialist Elias Cobb, a charismatic man known for his dabbling in the arcane arts. Under Cobb’s tutelage, a paramilitary organization called the Sons of Darkness strives to create a new paradise on Earth, one obedient to his unified vision. Cobb seeks the mythical fruit of the Wellspring Tree, a medicinal wonder capable not only of curing any disease, but of enhancing various bodily functions to superhuman levels.

Llewyn races to find the fruit of the Wellspring Tree before Cobb and his minions do, but troubled waters guard the hallowed ground of the Whispering Isle.

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March 2022: C.J.’s debut novel and first book in the “This Fallen World” series of horror/thriller adventures, THE SHADOW OVER LONE OAK, releases to critical acclaim. It garners a unanimous 5-Star rating from 3 separate reviewers at Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, and sets the tone for a great series.

September 2022: THE SMILING MAN CONSPIRACY, the second book in C.J.’s ongoing “This Fallen World” horror/thriller series, is released.

October 2022: THE SONS OF DARKNESS, the third entry in the “This Fallen World” series, is released to a glowing review from Midwest Book Review.

December 2022: The audiobook for THE SHADOW OVER LONE OAK releases, expertly narrated by Robert Rossmann.

April 2023: The audiobook for THE SMILING MAN CONSPIRACY releases.

September 2023: The audiobook for THE SONS OF DARKNESS releases.

December 2023: THE SMILING MAN CONSPIRACY wins the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Fall 2023, as Best Supernatural Thriller.

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