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Burt Clinchandhill

Action/Adventure, Conspiracy Thrillers, Religious Mysteries, Suspense

Dutch renowned author, Clinchandhill, discovered his passion for writing at a young age. Despite past career detours, his love for worldbuilding and the written word were rekindled into a furious blaze. He has since penned his acclaimed political thriller, Kursk, its equally compelling sequel, 47 Hours, and the third book in the “James Mitchel” series, The Mogadishu Encounter.

His irrefutable fascination for credible stories and true events is evident throughout all his fictional works, which now includes the “Matthew Bishop” series of historical conspiracy mysteries / religious thrillers from Evolved Publishing.

Clinchandhill now writes full-time in the Netherlands, with his beautiful wife of 20 years. In his spare time, he enjoys sipping tea with a good book and delving into his own adventures out on open waters.

Featured Books by
Burt Clinchandhill


Adventure / Religious /
Suspense Thriller

Matthew Bishop –
Book 1

The search for the biggest secret on Earth has begun.

Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award – Winter 2021 –
Best Thriller

“The suspense is monumental, the story never slows down, and it has that magic gift of blurring the lines of the seemingly impossible with something that almost feels like it could be based on absolute truth (AKA, The Da Vinci Code).” ~ Feathered Quill Book Reviews, Amy Lignor, TRUE HIGH-FIVE


Adventure / Religious /
Suspense Thriller

Matthew Bishop –
Book 2

The secrets of the past belong to the future.

“Again a big page turner! This story kept me reading well into the night to get to the end. With more accurate facts and detail than before. Well done!” ~ Roos Dahmen


Adventure / Historical /
Religious / Suspense Thriller

Matthew Bishop –
Book 3

A billion-year-old mystery resurfaces.

Piece by piece, Matthew Bishop, Jennifer Porter, and Walker Monroe get nearer to a truth that will shake the foundation of everything they thought to be true about our world’s history.

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