Voice Actor

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Miriam Blum is a voice actor who produces audio books for Audible.com.

The youthful sound of my enthusiastic voice has mesmerized elementary school children for almost four decades, and every Friday afternoon is story hour, during which we giggle at my zany improvisations. I stop the story at the cliffhanger, leaving the students to sweat it out until the next Friday to see how the chapter ends, and many beg to stay the weekend to finish the book.

My storytelling skills can turn any textbook into an attention grabber, and the suspense in my retellings can leave you gripping the edge of your seat! My tone can be childlike, playful, stern, sincere, fast talking, or informative. My flexibility allows me to deliver whatever you’re seeking in voice tone and quality. The testimonial lies in the number of kids who tell me every day that I’m really talented. I’ll deliver a great product and sound; my style is organized and prompt; and I work well under deadlines. I’m great at multi-tasking, so if you’re publishing a series of books at the same time, I can deliver.

Over 40 years ago, a visually-impaired high school friend needed someone to read his textbooks to him, and I’ve been doing read-aloud ever since. Thousands of textbook pages later, he became the first visually-impaired student to attend Harvard. Over the years, I’ve continued to spend my evenings recording textbooks for blind students, helping them to “see” through the enchantment of my voice.

How do I know that my voice is memorable? Last year, that visually-impaired high school friend “noticed” me at a Bon Jovi concert after 41 years. How did he find me in that loud rockin’ crowd? He said he followed the sound of my voice.

Audio Books

Produced and Narrated by Miriam Blum:

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Listen to a sample of Fright Train HERE (click on “PLAY AUDIO SAMPLE” right under the cover).

Listen to a sample of House of Horrors HERE (click on “PLAY AUDIO SAMPLE” right under the cover).

Listen to a sample of The Doll Maker HERE (click on “PLAY AUDIO SAMPLE” right under the cover).

Up Next

Upcoming Narrations by Miriam Blum:

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These books will be available as audio books between May and July 2014.