I own too many books and not enough shelves.

I’m the author of I’d Rather Be Riding My Bike, North to Katahdin, Life at the Top, Cat in the Clouds, If All the Animals Came Inside, How to Share with a Bear, and other books for both children and adults.

When I’m not reading and writing, you’ll find me chasing bears and riding my bike over the hills of New Hampshire.


As an editor, I appreciate stories with pace and humor—and no dangling participles. Genres of particular interest include nature writing, creative nonfiction, speculative fiction, and books for children & young adults. I earned my MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and I teach at New Hampshire Institute of Art.


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Author: Eric Pinder

I’d Rather Be Riding My Bike

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I’d Rather Be Riding My Bike

ACTIVE: Edited or Co-Edited by Eric Pinder:

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INACTIVE: Edited or Co-Edited by Eric Pinder:

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