We never read enough books in school, so I would remove the dust jacket from my mom’s books and steal minutes during class to read. It always felt like I was getting away with something, or discovering a world few of my peers knew existed.

I’ve been writing since middle school, doing it reasonably well for the last decade. While getting my masters in English from Arizona State, I worked at a daily newspaper as columnist and then opinion editor, and also as editor of the Phoenix Air Guard newspaper.

Since living in Roanoke, Virginia, I’ve formed a weekly writers group and become active in the online peer review community. I published a non-fiction book on digital piracy in 2011, and have several short stories in print. I dabble in horror and YA, but feel at home in literary fiction. Some of my favorites include Neil Gaiman, Cormac McCarthy, Kurt Vonnegut, and Stephen King, but I’m not a hard sell: I’ll read anything.

If I’m not reading, I’m listening. Audiobooks comprise at least half of what I consume, and offer a great excuse to go on long walks. I have narrated four commercially available titles and produced a dozen more.

For me, editing is taking something I already love and helping it grow. I appreciate thick skin and an open mind. In writing, often both are necessary for success. After all, writing is rewriting.


AVAILABLE NOW: Edited or Co-Edited by Darren Todd:

3D-TheyTellMeYouAreWicked 3D-WhispersOfTheSerpent

Up Next

UP NEXT: Edited or Co-Edited by Darren Todd:

Coming soon…. Watch for details on the new Kill or Be Killed series of suspense thrillers coming from author Linda Kay Silva, starting with the release of Kill or Be Killed: Under Cover on November 30, 2015.

Also coming soon…. Watch for details on Whispers of the Sidhe, the third book in the Zoe Delante Thriller series of paranormal thrillers coming from author C.L. Roberts-Huth in 2016.