29 May 2020: The Evolved Publishing Team welcomes its newest audiobook producer/narrator.


Dominic Olcan has enjoyed producing delight for audiences since his first nativity performance as a shepherd at nursery. He took part in many school productions through the years, and elocution performances.

In the business world, he wrote and presented training courses and demonstrations in many types of software, along with taking the stage in front of hundreds of people to lead live polling sessions at events.

Nowadays, he likes to stay home with his wife and their young son and, when not booking speakers for conferences, has turned his tech and narrative skills to producing audiobooks, with his wife, Wendy Wolfson, in their home studio.

From non-fictional books to the realms of fantasy and romance, Dominic Olcan uses his storytelling skills to enchant and captivate the audience, bringing any book to life.

Audiobooks Narrated and Produced by Dominic Olcan:

Warden’s Reign
Parris Sheets