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In seventh grade, Mrs. Trader inspired me both as a writer and a teacher. In her class, I learned I loved to write and that my classmates liked to hear my stories. Her spirited students engaged in dramatic performances, hands-on projects, and lively discussions—nothing like the poor subdued souls across the hall, managed by the teacher with long green eyes. So Mrs. Trader was my model when I started a school and set aside my writing—that is, until it dawned on me that tribes of children have loved learning by listening to stories for thousands of years. So I wrote about a million words that speak to head and heart, which I am still reading to my child listeners. But now I’m writing stories, my second million words, to speak to the heads and hearts of adult readers and listeners, and hoping my classmates will like them.




Watch for The Timeline, Book 4 of the “New Earth Chronicles,” to release in the summer of 2022.

Everything is all wrong. A walled city? Empty suburbs? Where are the people? Several miles ahead stood a walled patch of grey, and beyond, another. Prisons?

After a decade of rescuing people from Lucien’s Dark Planet Network, Captain Jack welcomes the latest rescues amd plans a return to Gaia Earth. While his crew investigates the ‘Jewel of the Galaxy,’ renowned for its complex, thriving biomes, Jack plans to visit old friends.

As the Stella Lumina cruises over North America, confusion and dismay grip Jack. The ship crosses a dying forest of sickly green oaks, practically leafless maples, pine needles tinged with rust. They soon soar over a camp enclosed by twelve-foot walls of concrete, occupied by pasty-skinned people in ill-fitting uniforms of mottled greys and tans.

As Jack, dazed, wonders how and when this could have happened to his beloved Gaia Earth, he’s told by one of his rescues to brace himself. Things are about to get much worse.