June 18, 2022: Peter Martuneac is the newest author to join the Evolved Publishing team.

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Ever since he read The Lord of the Rings at age 12, Peter Martuneac has had a passion for storytelling. He began writing his own high fantasy story that same year and carried on writing for the rest of his childhood, but could not find a way to finish the story. The incomplete manuscript found a home on the top shelf of a closet, and there it remains (though he hopes to one day return to that world and see it through to the end).

At 18, he joined the US Marines, and in the deserts of Afghanistan, he finally started and completed a full-length manuscript. He wrote it entirely by hand, in the sunlight by day and in the dim, red glow of a military flashlight by night. He went on to self-publish this manuscript, a zombie fiction story, followed by two sequels and a short story prequel, and is intensely proud of those works.

Peter is now writing for Evolved Publishing, and is excited to be on this new road in his journey as an author.

Peter is married, has two amazing children and a loyal dog (who is a very good boy). Besides writing, he enjoys reading biographies, collecting coins, and getting his heart broken year after year by his favorite sports teams.





Watch for the second and third books in the “Ethan Chase Thriller” series to release in 2022 and 2023:

  • Solomon’s Fortune [Dec 2022]
  • Gold of the Jaguar [Apr 2023]

“You’re dancing with the Devil, Ethan. Did you not think you’d get burned?”

Ethan Chase’s old friend and mentor Mohammed provides Ethan with a clue that sends him on the trail of a priceless treasure that dried the River Jordan and laid low the walls of Jericho: the Ark of the Covenant, along with the lost wealth of King Solomon.

Frankie and Mei once again join Ethan on a globe-trotting adventure that takes them from the deserts of the Middle East, to the streets of Rome, and to dangerous, uninhabited islands. Yet whispers of a race for a legendary relic travel far and reach dark corners of the world, and one billionaire arms dealer is willing to spend her entire fortune to find the Ark… and kill whoever tries to stop her.