I’m a writer with a knack for finding new jobs in new places. Born and raised in Illinois, my past incarnations have included bookstore barista in Indiana, college student in southern France, statistician in North Carolina, economic development analyst in North Dakota, and high school teacher in Iowa. I draw on my experiences to tell the stories of those around me, with a generous heaping of “what if” thrown in.

Growing up, I preferred books to people, and fortunately the library down the road indulged my introversion/misanthropy. I’d read any genre, as long as the story had relatable characters and left me thinking about what I’d read days, even years later. This has stuck with me, and it’s something I aim for in my own works: Love my characters or hate them, just as long as my stories leave you feeling something or seeing the world in a new perspective.



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Up Next

Up Next:

Watch for A Handful of Wishes, a magical realism novel coming Summer 2015.

Ezekiel Archer hates his life. His parents are mean, and no one likes him.

His luck seems to change when he receives an old bottle that contains Paribanu—a genie, a fairy godmother, a guardian angel. Zeke now has the power to change his life with a few simple wishes.

But getting one’s way has unintended consequences, a lesson he learns and forgets over the course of his life.


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