JANUARY 30, 2023: We welcome our newest author to the Evolved Publishing Team.

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I’m married in a blended family with 9 children and 10 grandchildren (so far). I consider myself over-educated with a Bachelors, 3 masters and a doctorate; however, the Master’s in Early European history and minor in Native American history are my favorite. I like to use famous battles from history in my writing.

I grew up in Oregon, where I first met my wife, but as an Army brat and then in the Air Force myself, I’ve moved many places and traveled much of the world.

I work in IT for my day job but have always been enthusiastic about fantasy fiction. My father was a hardcore science fiction reader before his passing, but he used to share boxes of books with my wife when we were first dating. He encouraged me to read by sharing books with me, but I was more interested in sci-fi/fantasy rather than straight Science Fiction. My wife is still a hardcore science fiction reader today, so she helps me out with that part of my stories.


Coming soon….


Watch for Eladás’ Rebellion, Book 1 of the “Ithir” series of fantasy/sci-fi novels, to release in the fall of 2023.

Details coming soon….