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I didn’t grow up wanting to write. In fact, when I finished college I’d all but stopped reading. Then I took a job at a local police department as a whistle-stop on the way to some great destiny, got hurt early on and, faced with long days of much-needed bed rest, limped into a local bookstore, and left with an armful of novels.

Two decades later and I’ve served that police department as an officer, supervisor and, now, investigative lieutenant, all the while bleeding the book stores dry. As for the great destiny, I simply offer this: we are never fully human until we find some outlet for our innate creative impulses. My outlet is the novel, particularly the dystopian science fiction and horror stories that resonated with me those years ago. Perhaps, one day, I’ll find that something I’ve written has influenced another, the same as that armful of books once did for me.


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Watch for Fluid Shock, the second book in “The Holocaust Engine,” the horror/dystopian/post-apocalyptic series co-authored with Stephen Patrick, to release in Spring 2022.

A team of investigators and military operators join the survivors in a race to stop the spread of an otherworldly plague.

After one year of quarantine, the Lower Florida Keys have descended into madness. The last of the local officials cling to power, hording supplies and using sheer brutality to force submission. When a second strain of disease burns its way through the enclaves of survivors, the military targets the islands for purge… until a cryptic message from inside the cordon halts the bombing. Now, a broken former detective and a group of military operators race to unravel the claim that the disease is already out, weaponized, and ready to bring the world to its knees.
Watch for Unda Sanguis: The Flood, the third book in “The Holocaust Engine,” the horror/dystopian/post-apocalyptic series co-authored with Stephen Patrick, to release in late 2022 or early 2023.

Chaos descends inside the quarantine zone as a hurricane threatens to finish what the disease started.

With an army of infected pouring across Key West, the last bands of survivors are caught between fighting monsters, each other, and a hurricane that is churning toward the island. The cordon around the island fails, leaving everyone to chose between fight, flight, flood, and faith. Those who stay will face the disease and the demonic force it has released. With saltwater and blood soaking the island, these strike teams make their last ditch effort to challenge this threat to humanity… and drown it.