APRIL 30, 2018: We welcome our newest author to the Evolved Publishing Team.
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I didn’t grow up wanting to write. In fact, when I finished college I’d all but stopped reading. Then I took a job at a local police department as a whistle-stop on the way to some great destiny, got hurt early on and, faced with long days of much-needed bed rest, limped into a local book store, and left with an armful of novels.

Two decades later and I’ve served that police department as an officer, supervisor and, now, investigative lieutenant, all the while bleeding the book stores dry. As for the great destiny, I simply offer this: we are never fully human until we find some outlet for our innate creative impulses. My outlet is the novel, particularly the dystopian science fiction and horror stories that resonated with me those years ago. Perhaps, one day, I’ll find that something I’ve written has influenced another, the same as that armful of books once did for me.


Up Next

Watch for The Holocaust Engine, a horror/dystopian/post-apocalyptic adventure co-authored with Stephen Patrick, to release on 7 October 2019.

The armies of hell are loosed upon paradise, and nothing can stand in their path.

It begins with disease.

A brain-rotting virus, which leaves its victims disoriented and hyperviolent, rages out of Cuba into the Florida Keys. The bewildered government destroys the mainland bridge in response, and places the islands under quarantine. Inside this cordon, the population descends into chaos as rival factions battle over dwindling resources. Buildings become fortresses, boats lash together as defensible islands, and whole neighborhoods wall off into armed camps. As order slips beyond any chance of recovery, hopelessness reigns.

But not everyone accepts this fate.

Extreme prepper Reagan Castaneda emerges into this world of cruelty and paranoia feeling destined to conquer; a group of high schoolers known as the Wharf Rats roam the island under the leadership of the charismatic Hunter Grant; and Police Captain Perry Nelson struggles to keep the formal government functioning, until he is ordered to rescue a Navy SEAL that is trapped on the island, but who is not what he seems.

Isolated and locked away behind a military cordon, Key West has become the beachhead for an invasion. These monsters have have not come to kill, though; they have come to build an army of the doomed, and unless the survivors can destroy them and close the breach into our world, they will dominate all of creation.