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After my stick figure comic series “The Adventures of The Unstoppable” failed to garner any fans, I accepted that drawing would never be my superpower. I also accepted that I was not, after all, The Unstoppable. Twelve-year-old me never forgot the thrill of adventure, however, and the mystery of heroes, powers, and a bad guy who maybe is only bad because he feels stuck. Or maybe he’s just bad, and that’s interesting, too.

My writing has taken me around the worlds of my brain, and also around a lot of restaurants. After years of being the pickiest eater in the south, I somehow got a stint as a city blogger and food columnist, which taught me that people are too obsessed with queso and not excited enough about chicken noodle soup. I’ve since said goodbye to journalistic writing and hello to creative writing, which, after all, is what I’ve always done.

I currently live in Florida, where I complain about the humidity but never make any plans to move. My husband and I have two cats (only two), who are excellent sounding boards for ideas.


Up Next

THE INTEGER (Release Date: November 5, 2018)

Someone in the Academy is keeping secrets. I wish I could say it wasn’t me.

Traitors lurk within the Academy. They make our beds. They serve our food. They work without a sound, without complaint, making it easy to forget about them. I did. But only because they wiped my memory.

I’m a telepath, too, and I’ve found a way to retrieve my stolen past. That path leads to another, more urgent question: What do the Tacemus want? Though the Grifters are hunting me, the Tacemus have a deeper agenda, one they conceived right under the Academy’s nose.

We’re all keeping secrets, truths we must guard from any others. The spy game will have to wait, though. Kara and Ethan are missing, and I have to save them.

But who will save the cadets?

The Integer is the second book in the “Whitewashed” series, following metahuman Ella Kepler as she unravels the truth about the Academy and what binds her to it.