Sarah Shaw has a BFA in Sequential Art–a perfect mix of great storytelling and drawing. Also a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, she recognizes a good story when she sees it, and enjoys bringing them to life in her art. Her favorite part of drawing is fueling the emotion, attitude, and thoughts of a character or scene, whether it be sketch or finished illustration. She focuses in the digital medium, and is also an aspiring writer.


Cover Art & Illustrations by Sarah Shaw:

DaveyTheDetectiveV2 Evolution_1_300dpi_2x3_Comp Evolution_2_300dpi_2x3_Comp HoneyTheHeroV2 PoppyTheProudV2 Honey_the_Hero_Cover_v2_FR_300dpi_200x300 Sword_of_Oops_300dpi_200x300

And this map from inside Eulogy by D.T. Conklin:


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