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Sam Keiser graduated from SCAD in a desire to pursue his love of visual arts. It was there he found a love for storytelling. He believes every image should be able to tell a vivid story and concise idea to evoke emotion. He always tries to learn and grow as an artist and is always willing to try any new styles and techniques. Sam’s art is mostly digital painting, and he eventually wants to make concept art for video games and films.


Cover Designs by Sam Keiser (Active Titles):

Spirals_v2_300dpi_2x3_Comp Stones_300dpi_200x300 well_suited_sentry_300dpi_2x3

Cover Designs by Sam Keiser (Rights Returned to Author):

Natalie_the_Not-So-Nasty_300dpi_200x300 The_Perils_of_Petunia_300dpi_188x300 Persnickety_Princess_v2_300dpi_2x3p2_Comp TLK_CC_300dpi_2x3_Comp TLK_TCC_300dpi_2x3_Comp TLK_TDSF_300dpi_2x3_Comp

Cover Designs by Sam Keiser (Coming Soon):

Devils_Bane_300dpi_2x3_Comp The_Hobby_300dpi_2x3