Noelle Giffin is an alumna of the Savannah College of Art and Design, equipped with a BFA in Sequential Art. She enjoys a good story and believes that it should always be accompanied by art that complements it, instead of overshadowing it. Her favorite part of creating artwork is working towards that feeling of “being in the zone,” where everything just fits together seamlessly and is difficult to distract from.

She likes to listen to music while she draws and, as a result, comes up with silly music video ideas for her characters. Her medium tends to be digital, but nothing beats drawing with pencil and paper. Lastly, she loves fat little birds like nothing else in the world (and now no one is surprised as to why she’s drawing Bird Brain Books).


Cover Art & Illustrations by Noelle Giffin:

Valentina_Haunted_Mansion_300dpi_200x286 VMM_300dpi_200x286 Valentina_Whackadoodle_Witch_300dpi_200x286 Valentina_Haunted_Mansion_ES_200x287

Cover Designs by Noelle Giffin:

Fright_Train_300dpi_200x320 House_of_Horrors_300dpi_200x320 Weirdville_Doll_Maker_300dpi_200x320