Author Chantal Fournier and illustrator Nicolas Lajeunesse win the Mom’s Choice Gold Medal in the Children’s Picture Books category.

Silent Words is stunning story in both words and pictures, and the good folks at the Mom’s Choice Awards recently honored it with their Gold Medal:

Mom’s Choice Awards – Gold Label – Children’s Picture Books

While this book is an absolute must for all parents with young readers, it’s particularly poignant for parents and their children who are dealing with a recent, difficult loss. The story in words will move young readers and inform them at the same time. Tragic losses are horrible, of course, but we survive and move on. Zelda shows the way in Silent Words. The story in pictures will stun and delight young readers. Here are just a few of the remarkable illustrations that fill this book:

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Zelda loves to talk. She always asks a million questions, and her head is full of words like apple, bunny, cartwheel and dwizzledoodle. But when a sudden storm turns Zelda’s world upside down, all her words go silent. Zelda must embark on a quest across mountains, forests and oceans to find her parents—and her voice.

This moving tale about loss and hope will tug at your heartstrings. Author Chantal Fournier’s poetic storytelling style and illustrator Nicolas Lajeunesse’s evocative artwork combine to create a poignant story in which a child discovers comfort in the power of words.

The hardcover (case laminate) version of this book has been produced in high-end premium color & finish, giving it a distinctive quality.

Congratulations to the entire project team for Silent Words:
Chantal Fournier (Author) and Nicolas Lajeunesse (Illustrator)
Eric Pinder (Editor)
John Cardinal (Artistic Coordinator)