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Every one of these books will be ON SALE in the early part of December. We’ll list them below by reader age group first, and then by genre, to make it simple for you to find the books you love. Please enjoy these great books–and great savings, of course!


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For Readers 3-8 Years Old: Childen’s Picture Books

CourtneySavesChristmasV2BIRDS/HOLIDAY-CHRISTMAS — **$0.99** everywhere: December 4-11
Click a link for “COURTNEY SAVES CHRISTMAS” by Emlyn Chand: EP_Sales_Button_AmazonEP_Sales_Button_BNEP_Sales_Button_iTunesEP_Sales_Button_Kobo
Courtney the penguin’s journey takes almost a year. By the time she reaches Santa’s workshop, the elves are in a flurry preparing for the upcoming holiday. Unfortunately, Rudolph is feeling very sick—too sick to guide the sleigh.

For Readers 6-11 Years Old: Lower Grade Chapter Books

TheUndergroundPrincess_600x960HORROR/FAIRYTALE — **FREE** at Amazon: December 4-8
Click this link for “THE UNDERGROUND PRINCESS” by J.W. Zulauf: EP_Sales_Button_Amazon
Princess Scarlet is on a journey to find true love, but a malevolent force, Maleer, is in the process of dethroning her father, King Hurlock. Maleer intends to rule the underground kingdom of Balderdash, build an army, and break through the ground to invade the land of the living. As Scarlet runs out of options to save those that matter most, she is forced to make decisions that will determine the fate of her entire kingdom.
Mike and the Dog Gone LabradoodleMYSTERY/AMATEUR DETECTIVE — **$0.99** everywhere: December 4-11
Click link for “MIKE AND THE DOG-GONE LABRADOODLE” by Emlyn Chand: EP_Sales_Button_AmazonEP_Sales_Button_BNEP_Sales_Button_iTunesEP_Sales_Button_Kobo
Mike, his sister and their two best friends join forces to search for Nic Chang’s dog. Will Mike and Maddie find a way to put their differences aside and save the day? And just where did that dog-gone labradoodle go? Put your thinking caps on and prepare to find the answers in the premier installment of The Pet Shop Society.

For Readers 9-13 Years Old: Middle Grade Books

NZMammothTrouble_600x900SCIENCE FICTION/TIME TRAVEL — **$0.99** at Amazon: December 5-11
Click this link for “NOAH ZARC: MAMMOTH TROUBLE” by D. Robert Pease: EP_Sales_Button_Amazon
Noah’s mom is kidnapped and taken to Mars; his dad is stranded in the Ice Age; and Noah is attacked at every turn by a foe bent on destroying Earth… for the second time.

For Readers 13 and Older: Young Adult
(or Adult but Suitable for Younger Readers)

WindCatcherV3FANTASY ADVENTURE — **FREE** at Amazon: December 4-8
Click this link for “CHOSEN: WIND CATCHER” by Jeff Altabef and Erynn Altabef: EP_Sales_Button_Amazon
Juliet Wildfire Stone stands between two worlds. She is the Chosen and the Seeker Slayer, and our only hope. When the mysterious Seeker learns of Juliet’s existence, he threatens everyone she loves in the world, willing to kill to have her. Betrayed by the young man she loves, she must decide whether to run or to fulfill her destiny as the Chosen.
DreamWarriors_600x960FANTASY/URBAN FANTASY — **FREE** at Amazon: December 6-10
Click this link for “JOEY COLA: DREAM WARRIORS” by D. Robert Pease: EP_Sales_Button_Amazon
After his brothers throw him down a manhole, Joey is drawn into a hidden society of warriors who have been battling a reincarnated Egyptian Pharaoh for over 3,000 years. In the dream world, everyone is not what they appear to be, and it’s impossible to tell who to trust, including the beautiful Egyptian princess who has taken an interest in him.
WantedDeadOrUndead_600x900HORROR/ZOMBIE/WESTERN — **$0.99** everywhere: December 4-10
Click a link for “WANTED: DEAD OR UNDEAD” by Angela Scott: EP_Sales_Button_AmazonEP_Sales_Button_BNEP_Sales_Button_iTunesEP_Sales_Button_Kobo
When a fiery-headed cowgirl saunters through the saloon doors, wielding shotguns and a know-how for killing the living dead, Trace believes he just may be the luckiest man alive. She not only has the answer for how they can all outlive the plague taking over the wild, wild west, she is the answer.
TheChildrenOfDarkness_600x900SCIENCE FICTION/DYSTOPIAN — **FREE** at Amazon: December 5-9
Click a link for “THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS” by David Litwack: EP_Sales_Button_Amazon
A thousand years ago the Darkness came—a terrible time of violence, fear, and social collapse when technology ran rampant. But the vicars of the Temple of Light brought peace, ushering in an era of blessed simplicity. In the prisons of Temple City, childhood friends, Orah and Nathaniel, discover a terrible secret that launches the three on a journey to find the forbidden keep, placing their lives in jeopardy, for a truth from the past awaits that threatens the foundation of the Temple.
TwoMoonsOfSeraV2SCIENCE FICTION/ROMANTIC FANTASY — **$0.99** at Amazon: December 4-10
Click a link for “TWO MOONS OF SERA” by P.K. Tyler: EP_Sales_Button_Amazon
Serafay is anomaly, an unwanted outcast from both worlds. Fearing the people who tortured and experimented on her mother’s waterborne race, Sera remains hidden and isolated, feeling like she doesn’t belong. When she meets a stranger, Tor, another misfit like herself, Sera realizes that she’s not alone, finally discovering a sense of home. With the war between the Erdlanders and Sualwets escalating, will Sera and Tor ever be safe from the dangers surrounding them?

For Readers 17 and Older: Adult

ShadowSwarm_600x900FANTASY/EPIC FANTASY — **$0.99** at Amazon: December 5-11
Click a link for “SHADOW SWARM” by D. Robert Pease: EP_Sales_Button_Amazon
Aberthol Nauile doesn’t know that he beheld the creation of the world, ravaged by a war of the gods, and began anew; or that he led legions in a war that had raged since the dawn of time; or that he once rode on a dragon with his father. All he knows is that he awoke in a coffin deep within a tomb, hearing voices in his head, and now the whole world thinks he is their savior.
WhiteChalkV3LITERARY/COMING-OF-AGE — **$0.99** everywhere: December 4-10
Click a link for “WHITE CHALK” by P.K. Tyler: EP_Sales_Button_AmazonEP_Sales_Button_BNEP_Sales_Button_iTunesEP_Sales_Button_Kobo
Praised as a modern and edgier Lolita meets The Catcher in the Rye, award-winning White Chalk is the eye-opening realistic look into the minds and actions of adolescents. Far from sugar-coated and rose-colored, this novel captures the raw, dark side of growing up.
DesertRice_600x900LITERARY/NEW ADULT — **FREE** at Amazon: December 4-8
Click this link for “DESERT RICE” by Angela Scott: EP_Sales_Button_Amazon
When Sam meets “Jesus”—who smells an awful lot like a horse—in the park, life takes a different turn. He saved her once, and may be willing to save Sam and her brother again, if only they admit what took place that fateful day in West Virginia. But Sam doesn’t remember, and Jacob isn’t talking.
YoursToKeepOrThrowAsideLITERARY/WOMEN’S FICTION — **$0.99** at Amazon: December 5-11
Click this link for “YOURS TO KEEP OR THROW ASIDE” by E.D. Martin: EP_Sales_Button_Amazon
After her husband’s infidelities are revealed, Kasey Sanford just wants to rediscover who she is. After an abusive childhood and years as a career soldier, Andrew Adams just wants someone to tell him that he’s doing the right thing with his life. When their paths cross, Kasey and Andrew embark on a tumultuous journey that demonstrates just what they’re willing to do to save the ones they love.
Hot SinatraMYSTERY/HARDBOILED DETECTIVE — **$0.99** everywhere: December 5-9
Click a link for “HOT SINATRA” by Axel Howerton: EP_Sales_Button_AmazonEP_Sales_Button_BNEP_Sales_Button_iTunesEP_Sales_Button_Kobo
Moss Cole is a private detective, the kind you thought only existed in old movies and afternoon reruns. He’s smart, talented, sometimes even charming. You’d think he could find a better gig than carrying on his grandfather’s legacy as a ‘Private Dick.’ Cole is out of money, out of ideas, and out of his league.
SugarAndSalt_600x900ROMANCE/EROTIC — **FREE** at Amazon: December 4-8
Click this link for “SUGAR & SALT” by Pavarti K. Tyler: EP_Sales_Button_Amazon
Speed-dating is her hobby…. Sexual pleasure is her business…. When a mysterious man entices both her intellect and lust, Janice cannot deny the pull he has on her. With her needs at odds with her business, Janice must decide if she’s willing to allow this irresistible man to reel her in any further. Is Janice already in too far, or is this indeed the depth that she’s been searching for all along?
Shroud of EdenSCIENCE FICTION/MILITARY — **$0.99** everywhere: December 5-11
Click a link for “SHROUD OF EDEN” by Marlin Desault: EP_Sales_Button_AmazonEP_Sales_Button_BNEP_Sales_Button_iTunesEP_Sales_Button_Kobo
Disgraced starship captain, Scott Drumond, finds a space-time distortion in the Hyades star cluster that forms a barrier to ordinary matter. When he finds an opening, he chances passage and discovers a strange colony of humans. They hold a secret that will help him depose a renegade admiral who rules Earth, and to defeat aliens swarming out of the Coma Berenices star cluster.
ForgiveMeAlexV4_600x900THRILLER/CRIME/SUSPENSE — **$0.99** everywhere: December 5-11
Click a link for “FORGIVE ME, ALEX” by Lane Diamond: EP_Sales_Button_AmazonEP_Sales_Button_BNEP_Sales_Button_iTunesEP_Sales_Button_Kobo
“Now mortality, as it did seventeen years ago, lingers above me like the hangman’s noose. Yet it looms more ominous than ever, as if it will drop down around my neck at any moment. After all, I know the true Mitchell Norton. And whom shall I fear if not the devil, the grim torturer who conquered my aspirations and left me without a recognizable world of my own?”
ShatterPointV2_600x900THRILLER/CRIME/SUSPENSE — **$0.99** at Amazon: December 4-10
Click this link for “SHATTER POINT” by Jeff Altabef: EP_Sales_Button_Amazon
Maggie met Cooper at a young age, but even then she sensed something was wrong with him. His charm, good looks, and wealth could not hide the danger that burned in his sapphire eyes. Now a strong woman all these years later, reading Cooper’s letter throws her back in time once more. She knew this day would eventually come. He’d been haunting her for as long as she could remember, but from a distance. Now things have changed. He’s come for her.
WhispersOfTheDead_600x900THRILLER/PARANORMAL — **FREE** at Amazon: December 5-9
Click this link for “WHISPERS OF THE DEAD” by C.L. Roberts-Huth: EP_Sales_Button_Amazon
The hunt for a murderer unfolds, dropping Zoe right in the middle of a power struggle between a nightmare of a coven, and a serial killer leaving bodies in ceremonial circles in the rural parts of Baltimore’s city limits. A race against celestial bodies and the trail of earthbound body parts keeps our intrepid clairvoyant running right until the very end.
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