Formed in the second half of 2011, Evolved Publishing is headed by Lane Diamond (CEO) and Rick Eck (CFO). We’re a team-oriented, global company, and we’re growing each and every day, dedicating ourselves to providing our readers the best content. We’re serious about our business, but we’re also prone to epic Skype conversations and late-night excursions across the internet. We believe great books are one of life’s true pleasures, and we’re committed to offering you a great selection to choose from.

As of November 2016, we’ve published 195 pieces in total, though we’ve returned the rights to 19 of those to the authors. That leaves us with an active catalog of 160 titles in English, 6 in Spanish, 7 in French, 2 in Italian, and 1 in Portuguese (Brazilian) (we have more translated books coming soon). Our titles cross multiple genres, brought to you by some of the most talented authors around. We typically release a few new books every month, a number that will grow as our team continues to grow, which happens regularly.

We hope to entertain our readers, and we’ll bleed and cry and moan until we feel every piece is our best possible, but maybe without the melodrama. We say it a lot, because we mean it: Quality is Priority #1!




  • May – It’s official: we kick off Evolved Publishing and begin recruiting.
  • July – The first 2 outside authors join Lane Diamond and D.T. Conklin.
  • August – It’s more official: Evolved Publishing LLC is born, and we round out the initial team with 6 authors, 4 editors, and 3 artists.
    We publish our first 2 short stories to test the markets and processes.
  • September – We publish our first book.
  • August-December – We run our first Short Story Contest, out of which we publish Evolution: Vol. 1 (A Short Story Collection).
  • December – We quietly release 4 new books from 4 authors. We add another author and another editor to the team.


  • March – We run our first major Book Launch & Promotion event, releasing 6 new books.
  • April-August – We run our second Short Story Contest, out of which we publish Evolution: Vol. 2 (A Short Story Collection).
  • August – Major Book Launch & Promotion with 8 new books, new website design, huge raffle of prizes for our fans.
  • November – Our biggest Book Launch yet, with 9 new books.
  • December – The team grows: we close out the year with 14 authors, 7 editors, and 5 artists, who’ve joined forces to publish 35 books.


  • January-April – The team grows: we add 5 new authors and 2 new editors, and publish book numbers 36-43.
  • April – We expand our catalog offerings, announcing new teams to produce audio books and foreign language translations. We also launch this, our new website!
  • May-July – The team grows: we add 4 new authors and 1 new editor, and publish book numbers 44-51.
  • August-September – The team grows: we add 2 new authors and 1 new illustrator, and publish book numbers 52-57. We launched our first foreign language products in North American Spanish – 1 novel and 1 short story.
  • October-December – It’s been a pretty big year: 81 quality titles now available, from a team of 25 authors, 10 editors, 7 artists/illustrators, 1 translations manager, and 6 translators; first audio book released just before Christmas; multiple book awards won; 4 titles up in Spanish.


  • January-May – We add 2 new authors, bringing us to 27; 3 new editors to replace 2 who left , bringing us to 11; and 1 new artist, bringing us to 8. We now have 15 audio books available, and 12 more in production – all 27 should be available by July. We have several titles currently being translated into Spanish, French, or Italian, which will add to our current catalog of 11 translated titles. Our awards keep piling up, as we’ve added several more to our trophy shelf. Finally, once we complete our current round of releases on June 2nd, our catalog will have grown to 87 titles (this is after returning rights to 10 titles to the author).
  • More Updates Coming Soon


  • More Updates Coming Soon


  • More Updates Coming Soon
  • October – Rick Eck becomes CFO, Co-Owner


  • January – Dale Robert Pease becomes Art Director, Website Management, Co-Owner; David Litwack becomes Co-Owner; Jeff Altabef becomes Co-Owner.
  • More Updates Coming Soon