We’re back!

We were closed to submissions for 2-1/2 months in order to get our house in order and catch up on tons of work. Well, the big day has arrived.

Yep, we’re open to author submissions again.

We hope you’ve taken this time to polish your manuscript to a fine sheen, so that your story makes us sit up and say, “Wow, this is great!” Indeed, if we may offer a word of caution: we are extremely selective. When we first opened up our doors, we were determined not to be that publisher (or agent) – the one that rejected 99.5% of submissions, often going on nothing more than a 1-page query letter. In fact, we set up our submission guidelines to include the first three chapters of your book because we’ve always believed that the actual writing mattered above all else. Well, that and the person behind the writing – you! Still, we’ve rejected something in the neighborhood of 98% of submissions.

We say this not to discourage you; we want to see your submission. We say it in the hopes that you will do all you can to improve your manuscript before sending it to us. Our commitment to our customers, and to each and every member of our team, is simple enough: Quality is Priority #1. As we’ve said many times, that is not just a slogan; it’s practically our religion. We have an excellent editorial team, several talented cover artists and illustrators, and a highly supportive and ever-expanding team, because we’re determined to make every book we publish the best it can be. We just added two new editors, and will likely add another shortly, in large part to be prepared for all the great submissions we’re anticipating. 😀

So please send us your best work. Just go to our submissions page linked below. Start with the Introduction tab, then move on to the Authors tab. Good luck!
Evolved Publishing Author Submissions