Navigating the Website:

Because we keep adding content to the website, and because we now have a lot to look at – and by people who might be visiting for different reasons – we thought this would be a good time to give the grand tour.


Naturally, the first place people usually start when visiting us is the HOME page. we want that to be visually appealing, and so we offer the “slide show” of 4-6 slides featuring our products, services, news, etc. Directly below that you’ll find 3 separate links: 1) Our latest blog post; 2) Our current featured post, and; 3) One of our team members’ pages (this rotates around on a random basis). Below that we offer 4 “Featured Books,” which we mix up regularly, and then our 12 most recent “New Releases.”

If you scroll all the way down to the bottom right corner of the page, you’ll find links to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our blog.

Across the top of the page, our main menu links are listed. Of these, the ABOUT menu is clickable at the main level, as well as via the various sub-menus.

First, if you click on the ABOUT main menu, you’ll get ABOUT EP – PART 1. The information there is self-explanatory, but be sure to scroll all the way down and check out all our book covers “At-a-Glance.” Click any cover to go to that book’s page on the website.

On the ABOUT sub-menus, we offer 6 different pages as of April 2014. Check them all out, but especially if you’re a reader, please sign up for our NEWSLETTER, and be sure to join THE STREET TEAM on Facebook, as you’ll get special offers exclusively at one or both of those locations.

For those who wish to join the EP team of professional authors, artists, editors, and translators, of course, there’s the SUBMISSIONS sub-menu. Please start on the “Introduction” tab, and then move on to the tab that applies to your specific profession. For writers, we also offer the RESOURCES FOR WRITERS sub-menu, so be sure to take advantage of that opportunity.

Evolved-Publishing-HomeOUR TEAM
If you hover your mouse over the OUR TEAM menu, you’ll see the dropdown options, each of which is self-explanatory. Within each sub-menu, the individuals are listed alphabetically by last name. This is not only where you can learn about all of the EP professionals, but it’s also where you’ll find links to connect with those individuals via social media. So please get to know our fantastic team.

When you click on the SHOP menu, all of our products will come up in alphabetical order on the left, and the categories into which these products are broken down will appear in the right column. When you click on any product, you’re taken to that product’s unique page on the website.

When you click over to a PRODUCT PAGE, you’ll default to the “Description” tab of that product. It is right here where you can purchase (for most of our books) directly from EP copies personally autographed by the author or illustrator. Additionally, there will be several additional tabs for each product, each of which are self-explanatory. Perhaps most important among these for book buyers is the “Retail Links” tab, where you can click over to the retailer of your choice to purchase our books. Of course, if you’re a fan of audio books, be sure to click on the “Audio” tab. And… if you’ve read one of our books and would like to post your review right here at our website, you’ll be able to do so if you’ve signed up at our site. Previous reviews are found under the “Reviews” tab.

For schools, libraries, and retailers (wholesale customers), the “For Booksellers” tab on any book’s page will provide the key details you’ll need to purchase that book from either Ingram or Baker & Taylor.

These are some books we’re featuring at the moment, and they change regularly.

Need we say more? Don’t forget to scroll to the very bottom of the page, where in the right-hand corner you can subscribe to our blog via email or RSS feed.

So take the grand tour, and if there’s something more YOU would like to see at our website, be sure to let us know by emailing us HERE.