The Shaman’s Salvation
Book 3 of The Balderdash Saga

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of The Shaman’s Salvation by J.W. Zulauf, the third book in the slightly dark, but always fun and entertaining (not to mention award-winning), lower grade fairytale adventure series The Balderdash Saga. It is now available for pre-order in advance of its official release, so reserve your copy today.

This series is ideal for kids 6-11 years old (though even a few adults have quietly admitted how much they’ve enjoyed reading them to their kids… or for themselves, but… shhhhhhhh). This book, like the others in the series, features fun illustrations by Luke Spooner — in color in the eBook, in black and white in the paperback.

This third book marks the end of the trilogy… maybe. (The author is open to future installments, so be sure to tell him how much you love these books.) In The Shaman’s Salvation, a beloved character from the first two books — the shaman, of course — takes center stage, and we learn more about her personal story. For more about this book, including retail links where you can purchase the book online, please click HERE.
TheUndergroundPrincess_600x960 ThePrincesPlight_600x960And of course, if you haven’t already plunged into the kingdom of Balderdash, be sure to snag each of the first two books in the series: The Underground Princess and The Prince’s Plight.
RolandThePirateKnight_600x960 Hurlock the Warrior KingAND… we also have two wonderful short stories set in the world of Balderdash, each focusing on one of the popular characters from the series: Roland the Pirate Knight and Hurlock the Warrior King.

We know your kids are going to love them, and we also know the importance of reading for your child’s development. Kids who read succeed! So please enjoy this entire series with your kids or grandkids.