Enjoy 4 New Books from 4 Different Authors – 2 for Adults, and 2 for Kids

Once again we’re at that exciting time when we launch a series of new books. We have 4 new choices for you this time around, and we’re certain that if you’re a fan of these genres, you’re going to love them all.


Weight_of_Earth_300dpi_200x300Author Stevie Mikayne’s second novel, Weight of Earth, is sure to garner the kind of strong, positive reviews that her first novel, Jellicle Girl, has.

Mikayne has once again captured the complexities and rich depth of family life when that family is anything but ordinary. In this story spanning generations, a family struggles with its secret, and often difficult, past, and with setting in motion a positive future. With gifts that set them outside the ordinary, they’re still trying to figure out how to be extraordinary. Will they make it? Join them on their journey of discovery.

Their_Twisted_Love_v2_300dpi_200x300Author Amelia James is at it again with her fifth book, and the second in The Twisted Mosaic series. With Their Twisted Love, she follows up the hit Her Twisted Pleasures with another scorching story of the love triangle that is Talia, Alex, and Will.

Talia discovers she still craves both her former lovers. Can only one love her enough to satisfy her twisted desires and provide the stability she needs? One woman, two men, and a series of blazing encounters is sure to lead you to turn the fan on high, or crank up the cold shower, or perhaps just tap your partner on the shoulder with a wink and a come-hither nod.


Okay, parents, now that you’ve had your fun, it’s time to share the joy of reading with your little ones.

Izzy_the_Inventor_300dpi_200x286Author Emlyn Chand has teamed up once again with illustrator Noelle Giffin to bring you another fun excursion into the world of the Bird Brain Books. This time, they’ve gone prehistoric with Izzy the Inventor.

Kids aged 4-8 are sure to love this book that not only gives them a fun read, but will teach them a couple of important lessons as well – like “Never give up!” Or that failure just puts us one step closer to success. Plus, they might learn a little something about a dinosaur bird, his new friend the caveman, and the lovable woolly mammoth. How cool is that?

Valentina_Haunted_Mansion_300dpi_200x286Author Majanka Verstraete has teamed up with illustrator Noelle Giffin for the start of a new kids’ book series, Valentina’s Spooky Adventures. The first of these lovable, spooky (but not scary) adventures, Valentina and the Haunted Mansion, is sure to be a fun time for the younger readers in your home.

Valentina’s family has moved into an old mansion, and it’s kind of spooky. Valentina isn’t too happy about it at first. Sure, she’s a vampire, but she gets scared just like any other little girl. It’s all good in the end, though, as Valentina settles in and makes a new friend.

As always….

These books are available (or will be soon) wherever eBooks are sold. They’re also available in print as a paperback, and perhaps as a hardcover, too. You can even get a signed copy from the author in some cases.

If you click on the book’s title above, it will take you to that book’s product page. There you can purchase print copies directly from us, or you’ll find a tab called “Other Retailers” with links to several places the book is sold.

We hope you enjoy each of these wonderful new books, and we thank you so much.