A Chink in the Armor

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A Chink in the Armor
Almas Abrasadas
Beyond the Flame
Blood or Loyalty
Borde del Amanecer

Brink of Dawn

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Brink of Dawn
Brink of Dawn (Italiano)
Chaos Theory
Children of the Volcano
Cleopatra Rising
Covil do Diabo
Crown of Thunder
David Rose and the Forbidden Tournament
Devil’s Dance
Devil’s Day
Devil’s Deal
Devil’s Den
Dream Warriors
El Enjambre de las Sombras
Enxame de Sombra
Godsknife: Lineage
Godsknife: Revolt
Heir of Thunder
In The Company of the Dead
Kingdom in Chains
L’Antre du Diable
La Danza del Diablo
La Guarida del Diablo

Moon Dust

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Moon Dust
On the Edge of Death
Patron Saint of Wrong
Prince of Shadows
Quest of Thunder
Red Death

Scorched Souls

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Scorched Souls
Second Chances – A “Chosen” Short Story
Shadow Swarm
Soul of a Doll