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DEVANE’S REALITY ($0.99) – Lane Diamond
ELOAH: THE DRUIDS (Free) – Lex Allen
ENEMIES OF THE STATE (Free) – Jeff Altabef
GODSKNIFE: LINEAGE (Free) – Timothy C. Ward
SECOND CHANCES (Free) – Jeff Altabef and Erynn Altabef

Then we have a broad catalog of full-length novels for you, many of them award winners, often part of a series, and always professionally edited and designed. We think you’re going to love them. Find them all below, listed alphabetically by title.

Michael Golvach

An American Family
An American Family – Book 1
Jackson Baer

The Beast of Rose Valley
Lorestalker – Book 1
J.P. Barnett

Black and White Truth
The Syndicate-Born Trilogy – Book 2
K.M. Hodge

Brink of Dawn
Chosen – Book 2
Jeff Altabef and Erynn Altabef

Broometime Serenade
The Oz Files – Book 1
Barry Metcalf

The Cold Room
A Dark Night Thriller – Book 2
Jason LaVelle

Confessions of Eden
Michelle Reagan – Book 1
Scott Shinberg

The Dark of Night
A Dark Night Thriller – Book 3
Jason LaVelle

The Devil’s Bane
Tony Hooper – Book 2
Lane Diamond

Devil’s Dance
A Nephilim Thriller – Book 2
Jeff Altabef

Devil’s Den
A Nephilim Thriller – Book 1
Jeff Altabef

Directive One
Michelle Reagan – Book 2
Scott Shinberg

Eloah: No Heaven
Eloah – Book 1
Lex Allen

Eloah: No Hell
Eloah – Book 2
Lex Allen

Eloah: No Religion
Eloah – Book 3
Lex Allen

Enfold Me
Steven Greenberg

Fluid Shock
The Holocaust Engine – Book 2
David Rike & Stephen Patrick

Forgive Me, Alex
Tony Hooper – Book 1
Lane Diamond

Fracture Point
A Point Thriller – Book 1
Jeff Altabef

Steven Greenberg

Godsknife: Revolt
Godsknife – Book 1
Timothy C. Ward

Hear No More
Gemination – Book 1
Melsa Manton

The Holocaust Engine
The Holocaust Engine – Book 2
David Rike & Stephen Patrick

Inlet Boys
PI Kowalski – Book 1
Chris Krupa

Intrigue at Sandy Point
The Oz Files – Book 2
Barry Metcalf

The Kraken of Cape Madre
Lorestalker – Book 2
J.P. Barnett

Kubrick’s Game
Derek Taylor Kent

Life after Death
An American Family – Book 2
Jackson Baer

Lost at Logans Beach (The Oz Files – Book 4) – Barry Metcalf
The Possession (Writer’s Block – Book 1) – A.K. Kuykendall
Purgatory (Writer’s Block – Book 2) – A.K. Kuykendall
Red on the Run (The Syndicate-Born Trilogy – Book 1) – K.M. Hodge
The Sally Ride Chronicle (The Syndicate-Born Trilogy – Book 4) – K.M. Hodge
Scorched Souls (Chosen – Book 3) – Jeff Altabef and Erynn Altabef
See No More (Gemination – Book 2) – Melsa Manton
Shatter Point (A Point Thriller – Book 2) – Jeff Altabef
Speak No More (Gemination – Book 3) – Melsa Manton
Spirit of Warrnambool (The Oz Files – Book 3) – Barry Metcalf
Split the Middle – Michael Golvach
Tall Dark Heart (PI Kowalski – Book 2) – Chris Krupa
The Temptation of Destiny (Call of Destiny – Book 1) – D.M. Earley
They Tell Me You Are Brutal (Duncan Cochrane – Book 3) – David Hagerty
They Tell Me You Are Crooked (Duncan Cochrane – Book 2) – David Hagerty
They Tell Me You Are Wicked (Duncan Cochrane – Book 1) – David Hagerty
True Blue Son (The Syndicate-Born Trilogy – Book 3) – K.M. Hodge
Whispers in the Shadows (A Dark Night Thriller – Book 1) – Jason LaVelle
Whispers of the Dead (Zoë Delante Thriller – Book 1) – C.L. Roberts-Huth
Whispers of the Serpent (Zoë Delante Thriller – Book 2) – C.L. Roberts-Huth
Whispers of the Sidhe (Zoë Delante Thriller – Book 3) – C.L. Roberts-Huth
Wind Catcher (Chosen – Book 1) – Jeff Altabef and Erynn Altabef
The Witch of Gray’s Point (Lorestalker – Book 3) – J.P. Barnett

Thank you, and please enjoy!